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If You’re Willing To Climb…You CAN Reach The Top

When I was in Scotland recently, I had some time to talk with our taxi driver one day. It’s amazing what you can learn from them about what’s going on […]

When I was in Scotland recently, I had some time to talk with our taxi driver one day. It’s amazing what you can learn from them about what’s going on in the area. It’s like getting the word on the street, which tends to be a little more credible than anything you find on the news or the Internet.

I asked this taxi driver about the economy, the lifestyle and cost of living in Scotland. We talked about some of the challenges the country is facing in today’s world, specifically with jobs.

He told me Scotland has opened up its borders and made it easy for immigrants to come in. He said it’s common to have 300-400 people applying for the same job. Even educated young people are having a hard time finding jobs. This is a problem that is common all over the world.

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I asked why he thought that was, and he said, “Well, we’ve had the immigrants come in, and they will work the jobs the Scots won’t work. They will take the ‘unsociable’ hours — the midnight or early morning shifts.”

The immigrants are willing to do anything. They will work hard and make sacrifices in order to put food on the table for their families. Yet, the Scots who have lived their whole lives there are saying, “I want to be able to enjoy my nights instead of working a night shift. I want to sleep in, so I can’t take that early morning shift.”

Isn’t that so true about people all over the place? There are people who say, “No, I don’t want that job because I can’t have the hours I want or get weekends off.” And those are the same people who complain that there are no jobs!

I worked 2 full-time jobs when I was 17 and pregnant. One of those jobs was working in a health & nutrition store. I made soup every day in the back of this store, and between the smell of the vitamins in the store and the soup, I was nauseous as all get-out.

When I was done with my 8-hour shift there, I went to my other job for the next 8 hours. I was pregnant, so I was exhausted and my feet were swollen, but I still worked those 2 full-time jobs! That’s what I was willing to do in order to provide for myself.

But today, look at what people are NOT willing to do to succeed!

The immigrants in Scotland are willing to make sacrifices and work the jobs nobody else will take. The young Scots are not willing to do that. They are not willing to pay their dues.

The fact is, if you want to succeed in anything in life — your career, business, finances, marriage, raising your kids — you have to pay your dues. There’s no getting around it.

There are so many people today who complain about a lack of jobs, but I know there are employers everywhere trying to hire people! In fact, I’ve been trying to fill 1 position in our company for 2 years. It’s the same thing — people are not willing to pay their dues. They are not willing to sacrifice their big egos and start small.

There are jobs all over the world, but it takes a rare person who is willing to sacrifice their ego and pride in order to fill those positions. Some people have this mindset of “I was in a high-level position before, so this job is below me. I need something that matches my past experience.” But the reality is, if you are not in that position now, you are a has-been. You’ve got to adjust your ego and your standards and be willing to start small again.

I know starting over isn’t fun. I’ve had to do that several times. But that’s part of paying your dues and moving yourself forward. Sometimes you take two steps forward and 3 steps back. That’s just part of life. But as long as you don’t sit and have a hissy-fit and buy into the lie that there are no opportunities out there, you will succeed!

You’ve got to weigh your ego against your bank account. In fact, we should all be doing that weekly! If you want your bank account to grow, you have to swallow your pride and focus on being faithful with the small thingsso you can have greater success in the future.

Whether you are on the top of the mountain, or you are in a valley right now, here are the facts: If you’re on a mountain, guess what’s next — a valley. And if you’re in a valley, guess what’s next — a mountaintop. That’s life! You can’t expect life to keep you on top forever. It’s never going to happen.

Those immigrants who are taking the jobs nobody else wants are going to succeed a lot faster than the young Scots who won’t take the jobs. And why? Because they are willing to start at the bottom and work diligently and be trusted with what they’ve been given, and they will earn positions in higher places. There’s no doubt that’s going to happen. That’s what happened with me. I was willing to do things that were uncomfortable and inconvenient.

Pay your dues. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Keep moving forward. As long as you have the correct heart, character and persistence, you will keep climbing to higher positions.

It would be a good idea to pass this message on to a few people today. I can think of a few I want to pass it along to. This is a common problem all over the world, and all it takes is a shift of a mindset in order to overcome this problem and set yourself up for success. So just share the link on Facebook and Twitter!

Join me live this Sunday night on The Dani Johnson Show! Tune in on your radio or TV. Can’t wait to connect with you!


In great faith,


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