The biggest obstacle I hear time and time again from people wanting to start their own business, “Dani, how do I figure out what product or service to sell?” It’s true, figuring out what you want to build your business around can seem like an overwhelming challenge.

In reality, it’s basic. Think back to your first job. And I mean the first time you ever earned your own money. It was probably something like babysitting, mowing lawns or even the tried-and-true lemonade stand. Maybe you even had a paper route.

More and more frequently you see and hear stories about young ‘tweens and teens taking an idea and just running with it all the way into a full-on, corporate venture worth millions of dollars. What separates you from these entrepreneurial-spirited youngsters?

The truth is simple! Many of these next-generation entrepreneurs followed their creative passion, but have also incorporated their philanthropic desire, healthy lifestyle, naturally-sourced or spiritual beliefs into their business visions. And maybe you don’t think you have any of those. Then look for a need and fill it. Instead of getting caught up in what you want to sell, search for a need in your community.

When I was homeless, I knew I needed to do something big to get out of the hole I had dug myself into. I ended up starting a business out of the trunk of my car using a sun-faded, weight-loss product that had been sitting back there for way too long! Did I want to sell a weight-loss product? Heck no!

It’s funny, because I run into these kids at live events all the time. Seriously there are teenagers and ‘tweens who make their own money and pay their way to attend First Steps To Success. I want to share just one of those stories with you really quick!

“My daughter Lily Graciela has taken all of your principles and used them to create and produce her first-ever music CD at the age of 13. She had her first concert at a local venue at 15. She did this on her own initiative and will. She loves helping others improve their business skills and marketing on social media, so she actually does social media for two well-known companies in our area. She’s 16 years old! Not only that, she is getting ready to organize a huge benefit concert with her peers with the proceeds going to the Bolivia Life Center (a home for orphaned boys). The girl can create music, coordinate events, help others with their businesses and sing!” – Hazael Garay

Business is not rocket science! If kids and teenagers get it, you can absolutely do it. Normally we expect young people to learn and take their cues from grown-ups. But today, I’m suggesting you take a look at this new generation of movers and shakers!

Use their enthusiasm, their vision, their willingness to dream of success, as an inspiration to rejuvenate your spirits and recapture the attitude that you can do anything, if you set your mind to it.

What happened to that enthusiasm you were born with? I bet if I could get a hold of your mother she would tell me you were such an enthusiastic and persistent child. The world and our society has a way of sowing seeds of rejection and doubt in you. But you were built for success! Take back that enthusiasm today! Leave me your comments and Like and Share this message with your friends and family.

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In great faith,

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