Do you have a goal for your business or career? Maybe you want to be a millionaire, have the skills to start a successful business or even pursue a career in the spotlight. Sometimes you may want to just skip ahead to the part where you’re a pro. But, it does take more than simply having a dream to get you there!

It’s a fantasy to think you are going to become wealthy overnight or build a wildly-successful business in 30 days. Unfortunately, that’s what a lot of people expect. They have this idea they can skip right past the beginning stages and go straight to the part where they are making tons of money and enjoying big success.

But no matter what you do, you must master the basics of your industry and profession. There are basics to EVERYTHING! Marriage, parenting, your job, building a business, communicating with people, managing money, prioritizing your time, having a fulfilling spiritual life. But if you do not master the basics, you will never truly succeed.

One of my favorite things to talk about when it comes to mastering the basics is basketball. See, when I was younger, basketball was my ‘thing.’ I played from the time I was 6 until I was about 20. One of my favorite players to watch was Michael Jordan. He was phenomenal!

I want you to think about how many free throws Michael Jordan has shot in his lifetime. How many layups has he completed? How many dribbling and passing drills has he done? You can’t even count them!

How do you think he got so good at basketball? How do you think he is able to slam dunk the ball? He first had to know how to dribble, pass and shoot. He had to master the basics before he was ever qualified to fly through the air and slam dunk the ball.

You can’t just know the basics already. You can’t just do them once or twice. You have to MASTER the basics, which usually means doing them countless times!

And here’s the bottom line – EVERYONE has to start from the beginning and build up their skills. Everyone has to pay their dues. Everyone has to start with the basics. The millionaires and billionaires in your industry did not get to where they are by skipping the basics. They started with the exact same basics you are beginning with! But they made a decision to stick with those “boring basics” and then they followed that decision up with action.

So today, no matter what you do or what industry you are in, make a decision to master the basics. I promise, it will pay off! Do not get bored in the basics. Do not settle for “good enough.” It’s time to truly master the basics!

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