Since this week is focused on gratitude, I want to address the idea of gratitude in the workplace. Whether you are employed by someone else or have your own business, encouragement and gratitude can have a huge impact on improving morale, increasing profits, creating loyalty in employees and clients, and building confidence for you!

You know, we can all use encouragement. Sometimes you just need to hear you’re doing a good job. Unfortunately, most of the time when people do a good job, it is completely ignored.

I’m passing this on to you today because it’s important to look for opportunities to tell people they’re doing a good job… regardless of what they do, whether they are another parent, a coworker, your waitress at a restaurant, or even your boss.

And by the way, you may want to change your gauge of what a “good job” is. If you are looking for over-the-top, superhuman service, that’s not fair to the other person or to you. But when you tell someone they’ve done a good job, it’s like speaking life into another person, and it actually gives you life as well. It activates this exhilaration-fueled energy inside of you, and it builds your confidence.

In this season of gratitude, I want you to really think about who could use encouragement. Especially in business and your career!

  1. If you are employed, when was the last time you thanked your boss for employing you? Someone took a chance by hiring you and they give you with a way to provide for your family, save money for your goals and improve your skills. This holiday season, make sure to thank your boss!
  2. If you own a business and don’t write your clients “thank you” cards, you are missing out! A simple thank you card can take you a long way in creating loyalty.

Can you imagine how different your work environment would be if you took the initiative to encourage others? You and I both know how it feels to work, work, work and feel under-appreciated or unnoticed.

So ask yourself today – “Who do I know that could use some extra encouragement and an extra boost of confidence today?” Who do you know that needs to hear “Good job!” today? I’m sure you’re saying “I could use that!” Great! Go give that to someone else, and see how it makes you feel!

I’d also encourage you to spread this message around your home, your workplace and your community. Everyone needs encouragement and confidence, and this is a great way to fill that need. Simply post this link on Facebook and Twitter.

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In great faith,

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