Have you ever been plagued by depression? Yes, “plagued“… because it affects nearly 15 million adults in America alone! Not to mention, the number of adolescents who must deal with depression daily.

What does depression look like for you? You can’t concentrate at work, you’re exhausted, feeling hopeless, empty or alone? A lot of people suffer from depression, but it is rarely acknowledged or treated.

You can try to numb it with medications, without ever dealing with the actual root of it. Unfortunately, unless you get down to the real cause,  your problem will not just go away!

Last week, on The Dani Johnson Show I spoke with several people who faced depression over several decades. And even after 10-20 years worth of antidepressants, their problems still hadn’t been solved!

One woman in particular, Melinda, mentioned that her mother called her lazy when she was growing up! She didn’t even know she was coping with depression until many years later.

If you’re a parent, this is important! Depression can seem like laziness or some sort of choice, but it could really be your child dealing with a much larger problem.

The only thing that is going to solve your depression, or your child’s, is digging into the root of the issue and then throwing out that nasty garbage. For some people, it’s their parents’ divorce, a bad relationship break-up, abuse, or some type of unforgiveness that has sewn a rotting, stinking seed of depression in your life.

And do you know how that seed gets fed? This is important for those of you who are not struggling with depression, but could be close to that full-out battle. You feed that seed by focusing on it. How you think, determines what you speak, and what you speak then determines how you live (or don’t live). What you feed will flourish, and what you neglect will die.

If you’ve been speaking death over your life, your dreams, your actions or even over your kids – that needs to stop!

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