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Is YOUR Glass “Half-Empty” Or “Half-Full”?

You know the "half-empty"/"half-full" theory and by now you've probably figured out YOUR outlook. Sure, life DOES seems to "condition" you to see the bad side...but you have to ACTIVELY pursue the bright side!

Things happen, trauma happens. That’s life! Studies show only ONE out of three Americans actually consider themselves “happy.” How sad!

Are you that “one”? If so, that means two of your friends AREN’T happy. It also means two-thirds of the people you work with aren’t happy. I’m not trying to bring you down, but I do want to put some huge expectations into perspective.

It seems like WAY too many people constantly live under gray skies. Their glass is always half-empty, everyone is out to get them, break their trust, hurt them.

But truthfully, happy people are not only healthier, but also make more money! Happy people get promoted… because everyone – clients, managers, coworkers – just prefers working with a happy person!

But does being “happy” mean you have zero problems? Oh, HECK NO! I recall a time when my husband, son and I were in Arkansas looking at property. We’d been talking about relocating our company and looking at several different options for the move. Eventually, we ended up here in Texas – but I will never forget that trip to Arkansas.

We had perfect weather that morning… a truly joyous day, smiling, looking at new opportunities, filled with excitement. Then suddenly, my phone rang. My daughter suffered a double aneurysm and was being rushed to a hospital in San Francisco.

If you’re one of those people who constantly battles the gray skies, who always sees the glass as half-empty, this story might be proof of exactly how depressing life can be! But if doom is your BFF, then a “break” for you two is probably LONG overdue.

Because happiness is a habit… just like sadness. You could focus on the fear, panic and distress I felt when my phone rang that day. Or you can choose – like I do now – to be thankful my daughter is alive and well… and now a mother of her own children!

Sometimes life DOES seems to “condition” you to always see the bad side of things. You have to actively pursue the bright side!

Have you heard the theory, a glass is half-full if you’re filling it… and half-empty if you’re in the process of emptying it? So what are you doing every day to FILL your glass? If you just keep emptying it out, it will ALSO empty your confidence, your drive and your dreams. Fill it with a little “happy!”

It starts slowly… remember, you’re forming a new habit. You take baby steps and just keep going a little further every day. And try to steer clear of your good buddies “Doom & Gloom!” This simple mindset change – how you view things – will not only make you happy, but it will improve your relationships, profits and career – all because more people will want to be around you!

Today, let’s look at the dozens of opportunities this week offers you, instead of the negatives. Tell me below just ONE positive thing you’re going to focus on this week… and help to inspire ME!

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In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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