Do you believe business success is just for certain people? That you need a certain degree, level of education, luck, upbringing or all of the above? And no matter how hard you work, you’re never going to shatter that glass ceiling, blocking you from promotions or success in your career. I can tell you, there is something different about people who succeed, but it isn’t what you think!

On our morning show I was talking to a man named Roger, who described it better than I can. “When I look at the business world I see two types of people: Entrepreneurs and business people. The entrepreneurs are determined, they know who they are and they aren’t going to let anyone stand in their way. Business people are not determined, if society tells them not to do something either because of the economy or something, they won’t do it.” If there is a struggle, they cave in.

You see, it is a totally different mindset. But the good news is, there are huge benefits for you, even if you’re employed by someone else, to adopting this entrepreneur mindset. How would you go about your job differently if you were an entrepreneur, if you pretended you were the owner of that company?

You’d probably be more faithful with your time, try to work around problems and think about ways to make that company more profitable, right? Most employees don’t think that way. They are thinking the way the media or society is telling them to think. Which for most people is believing no promotions are in sight, the economy isn’t stable enough and you should do just enough not to get fired.

The bottom line is this, there will always be opportunities for opportunists. No matter the economy, your education or your circumstances, there are tons of booming businesses out there that need your skill sets, your people skills and your great attitude. There are always people doing well, looking for great hires, giving bonuses and creating new positions for valuable employees.

And if you currently work for a company you don’t think has room for growth, you are dead wrong! I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve heard people get promoted to positions that did not previously exist. Your value is determined by your skill sets, not the company you work for. So even in the hard times, if your boss sees you as irreplaceable, you’re setting yourself up for promotions, bonuses and protection from layoffs.

Stop listening to what everyone else is doing. The doom and gloom are blinding you from all the opportunities around you. If you really want to take control of your job security, work on increasing your value and adopting that entrepreneur mindset. How do you increase your value? You increase your skill sets!

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