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Share That You Care…Without Going Commercial

In case you missed all the reminders, Valentine's Day is this weekend and consumers are expected to spend an average of about $116 per person.

In case you missed all the reminders, Valentine’s Day is this weekend. You might think it’s just a commercial holiday, but the National Retail Federation projects 62% of Americans will be participating somehow this year. Consumers are expected to spend an average of about $116 per person.

I’m hoping today’s message helps you, if you struggle with how to show that special someone you care. And even if you already made plans or didn’t plan to celebrate at all, there is a very basic way to show appreciation and love on a daily basis!

Valentine’s Day should be about expressing love, honor and adoration for someone. But you can do all of that – without breaking the bank.

Unless you’re planning to propose on that card or write your life’s story, chances are it will be in the trash next week. The stuffed animals and cutesy Valentine’s Day themed gifts will gather dust on a shelf. The candy is just a bunch of sugar no one needs. Let’s be honest, most Valentine’s Day “gifts” are just commercial STUFF nobody needs.

So don’t stress about finding the perfect gift… create the perfect experience. What if you cooked your loved one a homemade, romantic dinner? Gave them the night off from cleaning or taking care of the kids? Watched a favorite movie and took a walk?

The best Valentine’s Day gift you can give is making someone feel special and important. EVERYONE desires those two very basic things! The best part is, it doesn’t matter your relationship status or if it’s a spouse, child, coworker or client – this will always be the best gift you can give to anyone.

I’ve spent the past two decades studying people and those basic needs and desires are universal. And once you understand the secret, you can create a financial strategy that shows you care without overspending. I promise, it says so much more than a store-bought card and a singing stuffed pink gorilla.

So what are your plans this holiday? Do you have a big “experience” planned? Let me know by leaving your comments for me below and don’t forget to Like and Share this post.

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In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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