When you think of a shepherd, what picture comes to mind? A young boy watching out for his sheep? Maybe it’s someone frolicking through clover-covered fields with the sheep. But what if fulfilling the real role of a shepherd is something completely different than you ever imagined? What if you have actually been called as a shepherd to your flocks, whether that means the flock in your own home, at work or in your community?

And, before you’re too quick to say, “ME?!? I don’t WANT to be a leader!”… guess what, you already ARE! Now, it’s up to you to decide if you will be a profoundly compassionate leader or a profoundly selfish one. You see, the Bible is filled with amazing examples of leadership – and some not-so-amazing examples! In this LIVE Spiritual Equipping In The Marketplace, as Dani will dig deep into the biblical truth about leadership – what it looks like, who is called to lead and how to step into even higher levels of leadership!

Watch this Spiritual Equipping In The Marketplace from Saturday, July 9th NOW, in the LIVE EVENT STREAM replay below!

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