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You Don’t Have To Be The “Perfect” Candidate – Just Perfectly Teachable!

How often have you searched job postings and simply gave up just because you weren’t “qualified” for anything you seemed to find? Guess what… NEITHER WAS DANI when she applied for her first professional job! And yet, she went on to set company-wide records, earn bonuses and promotions and become a real asset to the employers “who …

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Prepare For Promotion In 2015

In this uncertain economy and ever-changing job market, people are more concerned than ever about how to keep their jobs and move up in their careers in the new year. The rules of the game are changing, and now more than ever, it’s important to review your personal strategy for success, as well! Instead of fearing the next …

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Choose Honor In The Workplace

Are you a “lazy” worker? Maybe you don’t think you are because honestly, it’s become part of the cultural norm to answer personal emails, check on Facebook and watch YouTube throughout the day. You see other people doing it and you just accept it as part of the job. But the marketplace pays for value. And …

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If You Have A Poor Work Ethic, Is Accepting A Paycheck Ethical?

Are you one of those “live to work” or “work to live” people… or maybe somewhere in between? You probably know some of both – the folks who would do what they do just for the sheer joy and sense of fulfillment it brings, as well as those who trudge along grumbling every day… except …

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To Get Yourself Promoted, Promote Your Employer!

How often have you wished for a promotion at work? Honestly, most everyone wants to get promoted, raises and big bonuses – even your employer! But, the bottom line for employees and employers alike, all comes down to the, hmmm… bottom line. The more your company makes, the more the business can afford; it’s simple math! But, …

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Invest In Your Work To Gain In Your Pay

Good morning! Have you been looking for a little inspiration in your career? Maybe it isn’t the job you’d planned on, you just aren’t growing professionally or you are hopelessly awaiting a raise or promotion that just keeps passing you by? There’s a line in my favorite book that says, “Lazy hands make a man …

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How To Become The Best Candidate For Any Position

CBS News reports 57% of Americans are unhappy with their job. If you are unemployed, unhappy with your current job or a stay-at-home parent, this message is for you. Even as a stay-at-home mother there were times I was unhappy with that job! So don’t write off today’s message as not applying to you! Maybe you’re …

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The Magic Words To Unlock Vast Treasures

As a child, you may have heard the story of “Ali Baba & The 40 Thieves” in which the poor beggar overhears the magical phrase “Open, sesame!” that opens the door to a fortune in hidden treasures. That really is a wonderful thought, isn’t it! The power of two, simple, everyday words to completely change a life …