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How To Become The Best Candidate For Any Position

CBS News reports 57% of Americans are unhappy with their job. If you are unemployed, unhappy with your current job or a stay-at-home parent, this message is for you. Even as a stay-at-home mother there were times I was unhappy with that job! So don’t write off today’s message as not applying to you! Maybe you’re …

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The Magic Words To Unlock Vast Treasures

As a child, you may have heard the story of “Ali Baba & The 40 Thieves” in which the poor beggar overhears the magical phrase “Open, sesame!” that opens the door to a fortune in hidden treasures. That really is a wonderful thought, isn’t it! The power of two, simple, everyday words to completely change a life …

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Eliminate Career Fears

Do you ever have jitters in your stomach because of what is taking place in the job market today? There are layoffs, corporations downsizing, job shortages… and unemployment rates aren’t looking too great either. The desire for simple job security can make you nervous, afraid or even force you to settle for less! What if you …

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It’s Not About Your Qualifications…It’s About Your Qualities

Let me paint you a picture today…a 19-year-old, high school dropout, wearing a hot pink fluffy dress with a big ol’ black plastic belt, sporting a really “interesting” perm and zero experience, shows up for a job interview! You got that image? The position she was applying for? A high-end, custom decorator position with a …

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Ready To Climb The Corporate Ladder? Then Get Off The Treadmill!

Have you ever worked out on a treadmill…or even seen someone doing it? Usually they’ve got some sort of distraction, like headphones for their music or some places even have TVs for folks to watch while trudging away. And, that’s exactly what they’re doing – trudging, not really going anywhere! But, if you’ve seen someone marking time …

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Recognize Your Laborers This Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! A couple of years ago, I realized I didn’t even know the history of Labor Day. Obviously, it had to do with workers in some way. But I wasn’t really sure and it caused me to do a bit of historical study on how Labor Day came about and honestly, I think …

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Think Outside Your Dead-End Job

Are you unhappy with your current job? Maybe you feel stuck, with no hope of a promotion and no skill sets to find a better one. You’re not alone, apparently, 57% of people are unhappy with their jobs! CBS News reported the biggest factor in this statistic is because people feel underpaid and have no room …

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How To Move From A “Timeclock” To “Boss” Mindset

Admit it – you’ve seen those employees who look like they could be extras (or maybe even stars!) in a zombie movie. Dead expression, no smile, zero interest in their customers, slow-moving (unless it’s time to clock out), “questionable” personal appearance…a real shining star, representing their company well! Okay, not so much. And it might …