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The TRUTH About Your J-O-B

"J-O-B, Just Over Broke!" "Fire your boss!" You've probably heard these phrases before, and maybe you didn't think anything of them. But this is actually a very common mindset out there that could be hurting your business or career. Discover what this mindset is, and how you can stay far away from it!

Today, let’s talk about a very common mindset in the business world (especially in home-based businesses), and it can both limit… and harm… your future success.

You have probably encountered someone with this mindset, either in person or online. They talk about how horrible it is to have a job. You know, a J-O-B, “Just-Over-Broke.” These people try to recruit others into their business so they can finally “fire their boss” and “break free from their 9-5 prison.” Many people use these phrases without even realizing what they’re even saying, or the impact of these words.

But we’re going to pick apart this mindset and expose the truth behind it. Because it really does set you up for failure, whether you have a job or you’re a business owner.

First, let’s talk about the business owner who tries to recruit people using these tactics. They say, “Hey, you still have a J-O-B?! Come on, it’s time to fire your boss and start creating your own success, not his!”

But tell me, what kind of people do you hope to attract by motivating them with how much they hate their job and their boss or by their feelings of being “trapped in a J-O-B?” You simply paint a picture of being ungrateful and unhappy. You plant negative thoughts about their job or their boss, which then causes them to think and act negatively toward work.

Because of the thoughts you have put into their minds, they are no longer prospering where they are planted. They are not working with excellence and diligence in their job, because they now have a completely different perspective. They heard about a business opportunity and suddenly their view of having a job totally changes. And if they can’t prosper where they’re planted while working at a job, what makes you think it will be different when they start in your business?

You are not only sabotaging yourself by creating an attitude in that person, quite frankly, you’ wouldn’t want even if they did decide to work with you in your business. Now you are sabotaging the other person’s success in their job. It is not beneficial for you OR them. This does not help you build a business!

Not to mention, you reap what you sow. If you put those kinds of thoughts into that person’s mind, and they rip up their roots to move to your bright and shiny opportunity, what’s going to happen when someone else comes along and feeds them negative thoughts about your business to offer them a different bright and shiny opportunity? They’re going to take it! And why? Because you reap what you sow.

Now, let’s look at the employee perspective. If you allow yourself listen to those phrases and speak them, they will take root. It will cause you to hate your job, your boss, the people you work with and even the fact you have to have a job.

But tell me, can you have that kind of attitude toward your 9-5 life, and then after-hours turn around and have the good, positive mindset of a successful entrepreneur? NO!

Not only that, but how does that mindset affect your work environment? You are just there sucking the air out of that place. People don’t like being around negative people. And guess what! When you hate where you are and what you’re doing, you are negative.

Please understand me when I say this – I am NOT bashing any industry or business. And I’m NOT saying you shouldn’t start a business, or even that you shouldn’t work a business full-time. I am simply exposing a damaging mindset that has become all too common, because I truly care about your success and want to see you succeed.

Our culture tells us if we’re not happy, we should move on to something else that will make us happy. Because of that mindset, people are so easily seduced into other bright, shiny opportunities. Because of that mindset, people fail to develop roots. They decide they don’t like what they’re doing, or “it’s just not working” or they get bored, so they uproot themselves and move on, without even giving themselves a chance to succeed at anything. The bottom line is, the deeper the roots, the bigger and better the fruit.

Now you can see what this “J-O-B” mindset really looks like, along with the results, so you know it’s not beneficial. It will not help you grow your business and will actually hurt you and the people around you.

Set yourself up for success, instead of failure, today by not listening and giving in to the mindset that says it’s a nuisance to have a job. Choose to work with diligence and excellence – both in skill and in attitude – and to prosper where you’re planted, whether in a business or a job. Learn to lead others properly and to form mutually beneficial relationships. Protect your future with honor, instead of burning bridges. You will be amazed by how successful you will become!

I know you know a few (or several) people who have been affected by this mindset. Go ahead and send this to them now. You can also be proactive and send this message to your employees, coworkers and business partners today. You can send this via email, or share this link on Facebook and Twitter. Then, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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