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Open The Church Doors And “Let The Lion Roar”

Whether you are a church-goer or not, a “believer” or not, a Christian, atheist, agnostic or Jew, your familiarity with the rise of “The Church” goes far beyond any religious upbringing or affiliation…it is woven throughout the cloth of world history. But is the “common knowledge” we all “know” actually the truth or an elaborate deception of the Jewish …

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Who’s The Boss In Your Life?

Too often, parents or teachers may hear those dreaded words spew forth from a child’s mouth: “You’re not the boss of me!” And as children of God, while we may not SAY those words, our actions certainly give testimony to that mindset upon occasion. It’s hard to give up control…sometimes it goes against everything we …


Are You Willing To Give Others What YOU Want To Receive?

Picture this…you’ve got a mortgage for your home, a monthly payment for your vehicle and maybe a student loan you pay on every month. Now, one day you get a call or letter from the bank saying it’s all been erased – that’s right, every last cent of your debt is GONE! All of a sudden you are overcome …

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Disarm This Sneaky Enemy

You have an enemy. He wants you dead, beaten, down for the count. He is lurking around, waiting to devour you. If you think you don’t have this enemy, wake up to reality! A weapon of mass destruction is defined as a weapon capable of causing widespread death and destruction. You may be thinking of …


Do You Provide “Service With A Smile”?

We’ve all seen those signs on businesses: “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” along with the more “friendly” establishments who promise “Service With A Smile.” However, how often do actually receive a smile with your service…even if you ARE wearing a shirt and shoes! In life, our service should not be conditional – shirt, shoes or …

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Use Or Abuse Your Influence

It’s the middle of the week! This Wednesday, let’s talk about your influence and how much power that influence can actually have on other people. It constantly baffles me that the power and influence you have within your circle of influence goes habitually unnoticed, abused or unused. When I think about the power of influence, …


Being “Good” Does Not Mean A Trouble-Free Life

You follow the Ten Commandments, you go to Him in prayer, you rely on your faith daily, you place God first in your life…and then something goes HORRIBLY wrong. QUICK – what is your very first thought? Could it be, “Why is God doing this to me?” or maybe “What have I done to deserve this?” Guess …

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The Basics Behind The Tithe

I want to talk about something that constantly baffles me in the spiritual community. You see, there are a lot of people who are deceived about the idea of tithing. They follow traditions, but they don’t know why. Or sometimes they don’t even tithe but continually ask God for things. So today, you and I are …