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Gossip…From Your Lips To God’s Ears!

At some point or another everyone – yes, EVERYONE – has indulged in a little “harmless” gossip. You don’t want to be seen as anti-social or holier than thou, right? And, if your best friend tells you about what someone did to them, how could you NOT agree with what they’re saying. It’s only human nature. But, …

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Bible School Stories In The Real World

Moses parted the Red Sea. Peter healed a man born lame. Jesus walked on water during a raging storm and raised the dead. The Bible has incredible stories of miracles and divine interventions, but do these types of events still happen today? Growing up, you might have heard similar Bible school stories. But what do you …


Eject The Rejection Of People From Your Life

Let’s face it, right after that first-day-of-school nightmare where you show up without your clothes, being exiled by your classmates to the lunchroom equivalent of Siberia to sit at a table all by yourself, ranks right up there in our fears! No matter how good, how talented, how intelligent or how attractive you may be…EVERYONE has harbored …


Let Your Faith Ring Out – From Hollywood!

Most people believe a “calling” from God, by necessity, involves a church, a pulpit or serving as a missionary in some Third World country. However, when looking back at some of the most influential biblical leaders, we discover not a one of them was a preacher proclaiming their faith from a church or temple pulpit! God calls us to …

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Feed Your Spiritual Blessings, Not Your Greed

About 14 years ago I would see those depressing commercials for orphaned children. You’ve probably seen them. It opens with a sappy song and just shows a scrawny-legged, filth-covered child with a sad look on his face. And you’re already changing the channel, right? You probably think, like I used to, “Whatever” or “Nothing I …

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Greed: It’s Not A Matter Of Money, It’s A Matter Of The Heart

Greed: the unofficial motto for the 1980s – an era of Wall Street millionaires, conspicuous consumption, “more is better” Yuppies. And with it came an attitude of entitlement: “If I earn it, I should be able to enjoy the lifestyle of excess it brings!” However, even though this age of hand-over-fist economic boom has passed, …


Miracles: They’re Not Just Bible Stories Today!

Daniel survived untouched within the lions’ den; Jesus turned water to wine and fed thousands on five loaves of bread and two small fishes; Moses parted the Red Sea…we’re familiar with the wondrous miracles throughout the Bible. But, those were “biblical times,” right? When God’s Chosen People and prophets walked the earth, this was a time …

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Have You Lost Your Boldness?

Are you a bold person? Maybe you’re thinking you don’t have that type of personality. Today, I want to help you find that boldness, despite what you may think about yourself. The Bible says, “The wicked fleed when no one is pursuing, but the righteous are bold as lion.” (Proverbs 28:1) There is something so …