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The Secret To Making Your Love Patient

If you’ve attended a few weddings, chances are you heard one or more references to I Corinthians 13 – the “love chapter” in the Bible. If you’re like most people, you probably started to tune out since you’ve heard it sooo many times. However, it contains one of the most simple, yet most profound statements ever: “Love …

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Find Purpose In Life’s Greatest Obstacles

Every single person faces obstacles in life. These obstacles block your path in moving forward, moving up or moving on in life. Have you ever gone for years without noticing a giant boulder blocking your way? I know I have! Lately God has been revealing some of these obstacles in my life, as I’m sure He …

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Paying It Forward, Pays Big Dividends!

Everywhere you turn, there’s someone proclaiming their “revolutionary secret” to achieve financial freedom, grow your income beyond your wildest dreams, rocket your business into the stratosphere… you name, they’re promising it! Unfortunately, too many of these hot-air pitches lose a lot of steam when it comes down to their actual, real-people results. And while a “miracle” answer …


God Went “All In” For You!

How often have you uttered the words, “I’d do anything to…” protect your family, accomplish a goal, find success or seal a promise? Daily, weekly, occasionally, periodically or rarely? If you’re being totally honest, you’d have to admit EVERYONE have something or someone we would go to extraordinary lengths for! However, how many of us would really do …

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Become A Servant Of Joy To Others

Life brings change… your family grows and changes as spouses, kids and in-laws come in. And, as you go through all these different life stages, sometimes new things become unveiled, new obstacles arise in your life or you make startling revelations about yourself. Recently, this very thing happened to me, after noticing something I was doing and …


It’s Time To Shed Your Burdens: Live In Cincinnati!

How often have you just heaved a deep sigh and said, “I need a break,” when the pressures and stress of life become overwhelming? Now, imagine having an entire year of release as a time to refresh and refocus. Guess what… you do! God has given you a gift – Shmita, the “sabbatical” seventh year – as a time to just …


No Pain, No Gain…More Than A Gym Motto!

Please take a moment to think about your “typical” day. What is your routine? What do you want for breakfast, lunch and dinner? How is your home or office set up? What is your favorite thing to wear? And now, what happens when things don’t fall perfectly into place for you? Your toast isn’t the exact …

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Welcome The Year Of “Release”

Good morning! Today let’s talk about the sabbath. “For six days work may be done, but on the seventh day you shall have a holy day, a sabbath of complete rest to the Lord; whoever does any work on it shall be put to death.” (Exodus 35:2) While people are no longer put to death for working on the …