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Fill Your Soul Instead Of Your Stocking

During this time of year, people across the nation spend their time and hard-earned money on food, shopping, decorations and gifts, all in the name of “Christmas cheer.” But what if you chose not to get literally “wrapped up” in what our culture says is right this holiday season? What if you were called to be …


Uncover The True Meaning Of Giving

What is your idea of wealth? Is it having the shiny watch and car, an expensive wardrobe? Come the holiday season are you judging how well you did this year by how many packages are under the tree? Let me share something with you about my perspective on the holidays. In my family, you won’t …


Don’t Be Overcome By Obstacles – Rise Above!

Have you ever overcome something really difficult and painful in your life? Then, seemingly out of nowhere, there you are facing a similar obstacle and thinking to yourself, “Why is this happening again?! I thought I was over this!” If you’ve ever found yourself in that situation, you are not alone. Tune in to this …


Your Strategy For A Peaceful, Stress-Free Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving — and throughout the holiday season — there are many different “interesting characters” you will encounter. They may be your immediate family, distant relatives or people in your community. But how do you deal with those people without getting pulled into the stress and drama? Tune in to this Spiritual Equipping Broadcast as …


How To Get Access To Infinite Wisdom & Knowledge TODAY!

You’ve heard it before — “You are who you hang out with.” Can you imagine what your life would look like if you could “hang out” with someone who has an infinite supply of wisdom and knowledge? What impact would that have on your business, career, finances and relationships? Tune in to this Spiritual Equipping …


Change Your Reactions, Change Your World

Has anyone ever mistreated you? Been rude to you? Accused you of something you didn’t do? Have you ever been the victim of gossip or lies? What is your reaction when that happens? How do you respond when another person seems to be against you? Tune in to this Spiritual Equipping Broadcast as Dani shares …


What Is The VALUE Of A Child’s Life?

What is the price of LIFE? What is the value of an innocent child’s life? All over the world, there are hundreds of thousands of children dying each year due to a  totally preventable condition. And here’s the kicker — there’s an amazingly simple fix to this world-wide problem. Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show …


Living A Holy Life In Today’s World

What does it mean to be holy? What does it look like? In this world that is so filled with hatred and corruption, how are you supposed to live a “holy life”? Is it even possible? And if so, how? Listen to Dani’s Spiritual Equipping Broadcast as she shares what it really means to be …