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Have You Ever Heard From An Angel?

Have you ever heard from an angel? I know what you’re thinking… “Are you serious??? You believe angels still come and talk to people?!” Actually, YES! Angels are talked about over and over again in the Bible – 300 times, to be exact. But what does this have to do with you? Tune in to …

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Is Safety Just A State Of Mind?

Let me ask you a question today. Do you feel safe? Do you feel like your children are safe? Everywhere you look, the news is selling you tragedy after tragedy. Just over a week ago 34-year-old Ivan Lopez opened fire on the Fort Hood military base and killed 3 soldiers and wounded 16. Several weeks …

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Should We “Passover” Easter?

Everywhere we look during this season, we see Easter egg hunts, bunnies, and plastic eggs filled with candy. But have you ever stopped to think about why we do these things, or what it has to do with the resurrection of Christ, which is what this holiday is supposed to be about? And what is …

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A Clean Heart Leads To A Clear Mind

How do you feel about gossip? It hurts, doesn’t it? And even if it isn’t about you it can be uncomfortable or make you see other people in a different light. When you hear gossip it pulls you into the sin, you become a participant in the spread of lies, embellishments or secrets. I’ve seen …

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How Well Do You REALLY Know Noah?

Everyone seems to have strong opinions about the brand new movie, Noah. Even before the movie came out, there were people arguing about it, either urging others to see it, or warning them to stay far, far away from it. Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani discusses the movie, as well as …

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God’s Compass Always Points You To Your Goals

“Hump Day” may be here, but the week is far from over! You might still have big plans, big goals to accomplish or big fun to ahead. Whatever you have been planning, I hope it involves one very important consultant! I was sitting here thinking about quarterly goals and it reminded me of the spiritual …

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Who’s ALWAYS In Your Corner?

Every person has their own perception of God. Whether your perception is based on the Bible, personal experience, or traditions and stories passed down from generation to generation, we all have our own beliefs about who God is and what His character is like. But the question is, do we really KNOW His character? Tune …

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See Past The Breadcrumbs Of Temptation

Spring Break means rest for some but for others it is a season of temptation. Temptation is a huge deal in our society today and is so often easily justified. In fact, most people truly look for ways to justify, excuse or push aside the fact they’ve been tempted. Today, you will no longer be …