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"WOW! I’m blown away! I had no idea that I even needed the things Dani talked about!"
~ Alexis Haecker


"This is not just a ‘million dollars’ worth of knowledge, it’s more like a billion or trillion dollars worth!"
~ Dan Suttajirt


"I went to my first Dani Johnson seminar this weekend and was blown away! I learned more in one weekend than I have learned about this industry in the last year! Dani is a trainer that is not only a motivational speaker, but she actually shows you how to do this business!"
~ Maureen Gillette


"Learning to build a business that thrives and prospers."
~ Diane Gebauer


"Just what I have been searching for! My life has been totally altered in a positive way this weekend. Despair turned into hope. After my 38 years in network marketing I now have a source of help. It made me realize I can do it with the help of this superb training!"
~ Jean Montgomery


"After listening to your CD’s I was so empowered and felt so conferrable to put into action what I learned.  In one hour I closed 3 people. I continued and still have more that will get started. The reason I am so excited is I was able to light a fire under these people to get them to make a decision. I learned to create urgency and realize fear of loss was stronger then anything else."
~ Bob Ballasedis


"I’ve been in this business 9 years and Dani is BY FAR the most bold, passionate, practical, relevant, effective, efficient, REAL and empowering trainers I have ever heard!"
~ Denys Stumpf


"I am a million dollar earner and have been in and out of network marketing since 1989. Thank you for doing what you are doing – speaking the truth and teaching balance."
~ Kirby Wright


"Your training helped me to become third in my company!"
~ Pamela J. Kunze


"I first heard of Dani Johnson 5 weeks ago. After 1 week in this industry I ordered the North Carolina CD’s. After 3 weeks in the business I made $9,600 because of what I was listening to and putting into practice."
~ Jon Franks


"In the 7 months that I have been plugged into Dani Johnson, my monthly income has tripled and my team has become more productive!"
~ Gale Gillespie


"Now I’ve learned how to be a leader and how to motivate my new and growing team."
~ Geneva Compton


"Since studying and implementing your techniques and strategies I have become much more successful in finding business builders in the cold market. I now know how to successfully get someone started and not rely on luck and low grade skill."
~ Tim Peterson


"This has completely changed my way of thinking – NO REGRETS!"
~ Teressa Irlam


"All the wisdom comes from experience and has been applied. Dani’s success is simple and real!"
~ No Name Given


"This is the second time I have done this seminar and I am only just starting to get it! I will be back to learn even more next time. I now have such a hunger for more information that I could have gone all night!!"
~ David Abbott


product is small Insider Secrets To Home Business SuccessInsider Secrets
To Home Business Success
How To Build A Profitable Long-Term Network Marketing Business


To All MLM’ers, Network Marketers and Home Business Entrepreneurs:

If you want to:

  • Learn what your true business model is so that you can finally begin to experience long-term growth and stability
  • Learn common mistakes that people often make while prospecting, and how you can avoid them
  • Learn insider tips on how 6 & 7 figures earners make their money and continue to make their money!


I’ll Let You In On A Secret…

It makes perfect sense to know how to build a business before you start one, doesn’t it? So why is it that so many of us jump in with both feet without the knowledge or the tools necessary to make it work? Understanding how to build a business and sustain a business could mean the difference between long term success or short-term burn out! That’s what this proven audio training system was created for. Presents… Insider Secrets
Audio Training Program!

product is Insider Secrets To Home Business Success

Listen to a Sample Audio Clip

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Insider Secrets gives you the chance to:

  • Learn a 5 step process that is proven to create monstrous residual income.
  • Learn specific techniques that have created $40,000-$60,000 dollars in new sales volume in one months time.
  • Learn how to implement certain training methods that will free up your time and make you more money.
  • Establish financial independence.
  • Learn how to identify the five different types of reps so that you can establish a lasting relationship with each of them.
  • Alleviate pressure and fear from your prospects so that your closing ratios soar to record numbers.
  • Learn key insight into the strategies and techniques that keep the industry’s leaders making 6 and 7 figures.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It!

If you don’t believe me, at least check out what some of our clients are saying about this 2 CD audio training:

The Insider Secrets has helped me view training my team to succeed in a whole new light and it works well when it is applied.
~Mary Goode

My husband and I have really enjoy listening to Insider Secrets, it gives detail to the big picture to us, makes us more efficient, helps manage our time, makes explaining to new partners easier and more concise.
~ Glory Kendzierski

After I started using Insider Secrets, it totally changed how I was teaching my group.  I had already been to a first steps and had also listened to the North Carolina CD’s but I definitely heard it differently on the Insiders Secrets.  Thank You Dani. 
~ Aulia Burnett


Take A Look At What You’ll Learn From this 2 CD Audio Training Program, Insider Secrets:

  • Learn the one strategy you should be implementing every single day to build your check FAST!
  • How to use 5 core skill sets for building your home business, and how to make them the work best for you
  • How to immediately apply a simple time management strategy that will keep you focused and your momentum moving forward!
  • Learn how to identify and utilize the 5 different types of reps so that they can bring you 400% increase in results
  • Learn what your true business model is so that you can finally begin to experience long-term growth and stability
  • Learn insider trigger words used to draw people to your business, and get them to sign up quickly
  • Learn specific words, you are most likely using, that are provoking people NOT to sign up
  • Get an insider peek on what the 6 & 7 figure income earners are currently doing, and why they continue to make the big bucks!
  • Learn common mistakes that people often make while prospecting, and how you can avoid them
  • How to find out who your best prospects are and what you need to say to appeal to them!
  • Learn the exact questions to ask your new prospects when they are first getting started
  • Learn how to motivate for a long-term commitment!
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes and pitfalls of the industry, and turn them around for a profit
  • Discover the powerful difference between system dependent vs. people dependent, how it will determine your success and the impact that it has on your life
  • The simple keys in how and why taking pressure off of your new prospects will motivate them into action without the fear of failure
  • Learn how to use the ‘Keep it Simple Format’, and why this is so effective
  • Learn how to handle excuses from your new people and get them back on track with their goals and your goals

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Why Should I Listen to Dani Johnson?

Dani Johnson has spent tens of thousands of dollars in her personal education and years of time developing and refining her proven training system. She personally went from homeless with $2.03 to her name, with a $35,000 debt living out of the back of her car, to millions in just two years using the very same techniques that she now teaches you in this 2 CD audio training program. Everything that Dani teaches she applies… you won’t find any fluff or puff theory from Dani. She gives you the nuts and bolts training you’ve been searching for packed with straight to the gut, no excuses motivation to get out there and apply it!


Dani has a long track record of developing 6 & 7 figure income earners in the industry. Many people, after listening to Dani’s training, finally experience breakthrough and results they never dreamed possible!


Warning!If you’re not deadly serious about getting DRAMATIC RESULTS in your business right away…please do not order this product!

This product contains serious life altering results! If you want to see your business, your team, and your personal life grow in success beyond what most people can even imagine, then you’re ready to order this product. If you buy this product, listen to it and apply the principles and techniques taught on it, but don’t see dramatic results in your life or your business then we insist that you send it back and get a FULL REFUND. These tools have been created to see you succeed. We are not worried about "making a buck" off of you, that’s why we offer you this 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you feel that this product does not meet or exceed your expectations then we insist that you call our customer service center, mail back the training series and get a 100% refund.


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