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Leading Is About More Than Being “Bossy”

Have you ever been called “bossy”? Some believe being called “bossy” as a child severely limits leadership potential, even into adulthood. Several public figures have come together to create the Ban Bossy Campaign, which is meant to empower girls to step into real leadership and leave the “bossy” stereotype behind. Tune in to The Dani …

Child Having Arguement With Mother At Candy Counter

How To Avoid A Major Parenting Pitfall

“MOM! DAD! Can I have $20 to buy a new game? Can I have some money to go to the movies with my friends? Will you buy me some candy? Can I have…?? Will you buy…???” How many times have you heard things like this? Whether you have young kids, teens or maybe even grown …


Who’s ALWAYS In Your Corner?

Every person has their own perception of God. Whether your perception is based on the Bible, personal experience, or traditions and stories passed down from generation to generation, we all have our own beliefs about who God is and what His character is like. But the question is, do we really KNOW His character? Tune …

female hand holding a tempting apple with two manly hand approaching

See Past The Breadcrumbs Of Temptation

Spring Break means rest for some but for others it is a season of temptation. Temptation is a huge deal in our society today and is so often easily justified. In fact, most people truly look for ways to justify, excuse or push aside the fact they’ve been tempted. Today, you will no longer be …


Every GREAT Leader Uses These Key Words

There are certain words leaders use that really set them apart as great leaders. In fact, these key words actually cause you to become the kind of leader everyone wants to follow! So what exactly are these “key words” that every great leader knows, and why are they so important? Tune in to The Dani …

Businesswoman with Feet on Desk Using Cell Phone

Take A Break From Excuses & Increase Your Business

When it comes to growing your business, there is one thing you must ALWAYS be doing. It may be spring break, but that is no excuse! You have to continually expose your product, service or ideas. And sometimes you have to think outside the box. There is no limit to the different ways you can …


Spring Break Without Breaking Your Bank

For many, spring break is just starting (or is not too far off), and while the kids are overjoyed about their newfound freedom, many parents are not so overjoyed. Soon you may hear the two little words every parent dreads: “I’m booorrrrred!!!” Some parents will set their kids in front of the TV or video …


From Communism To FREEDOM!

Have you ever noticed some people live their lives as if they were in a communist country? They live their entire lives as though they have no freedom to travel around the world, to start a business, or to make as much money as they want. There is no limit to what you can do …