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How To Keep Your Job And Get Promoted In 2010

In this uncertain economy and ever changing job market, people are more concerned than ever about how to keep their jobs and move up in their careers in 2010. The […]

In this uncertain economy and ever changing job market, people are more concerned than ever about how to keep their jobs and move up in their careers in 2010. The rules of the game are changing, and now its more important than ever to review your personal strategy for success as well!

Here’s 5 quick tips to help you perform better in 2010, ensuring you’re not only passed by during the next round of lay offs, but considered for a advancement and a promotion too.

1. Ask yourself this question, “Do I contribute to my work environment, do I take away from my work environment, or am I neutral?”
If you contribute, your employer will do whatever it takes to keep you. If you cause problems, they can’t wait to let you go. If you’re unnoticed and do nothing to separate yourself from the crowd, it doesn’t bother them to let you go. When Joy from Nevada, first came to, she had this unfortunate experience. Why? She hated her boss and he knew it. She had no respect for him, gossiped behind his back, and thought she could do his job better. She wasn’t a contributor and she wasn’t neutral; she ‘took away’ from the environment. After attending one of our live events, Joy learned how to contribute to her boss.  She not only kept the job, she now has been promoted!

2. Don’t overpromise and underdeliver!
This drives employers CRAZY and is a sure way to lose your job. When your boss gives you a deadline for a task or project, make sure you fulfill your commitment. I’ve employed a lot of people thru the years. The people that continuously ‘drop balls’ are the ones that cause the most stress. If you cause your employer stress, you’re on the ‘next to go’ list. My recommendation: if you run into challenges that inhibit you from completing the task, don’t wait until the deadline to inform your supervisor or manager. Come to them immediately and let them know. Ask for their advice, insights, or suggestions on how it could be done better. You both have the same goal; the task being successfully finished so they will be willing to give their advice, opinion or suggestions.

When you do this, three things happen:  

  1. You look good to your boss – most people love to work with teachable people.
  2. The job gets done exactly how they want it and on time.
  3. You make your boss look good, as well as feel good.

So, rather than overpromising and underdelivering, underpromise and overdeliver.  When it’s possible, turn things in early. Go the extra mile. Do what others won’t do and do it with a smile.

3. This is not the time to be slacking!
If you are texting, tweeting, facebooking or emailing to your personal friends on company time you deserve to lose your job. If you’re talking on the phone or planning personal activities while at work, you’re simply asking to get fired. Employers are under an amazing amount of stress right now. The market is more competitive and they are looking for people they can trust to get things done and in a timely fashion. Treat your job as though it was your business. As though you were the one who invested all the time and money to get it off the ground, and if it fails, your family and your employees don’t eat. If it fails, it is your reputation that goes down the toilet. Become what I call an ’employee-prenuer’. Take ownership in what you do. Where there is ownership, there is commitment. Where there is commitment, there is success. The reverse is also true, where there is no ownership, there is no commitment and where there is no commitment, there is NO SUCCESS!

4. Don’t give in to wearing your emotions on your sleeve by putting ‘fear’ on at work!
It is one heck of an ugly suit! If you are afraid of losing your job, it’s written all over you. Everyone at work can see fear on you anyway. At the same time, fear is contagious and doesn’t get a pay check. Excellence and diligence does. I have found it nearly impossible to do a great job at anything when I am wearing ‘fear’.  I suggested this to Kim, a client from Georgia, during a coaching session. Kim stopped wearing fear and put on confidence and excellence. She ended up with a $25k raise when others were laid off.

5. Kiss your bad attitude good-bye!
I was recently on an airplane and was shocked at the conduct of the flight attendant. This is an airline that I decided along time ago I would no longer fly because of how rude the flight attendants always are. They were rated one of the worst airlines. However, recently things have changed. They now say ‘please’ and with a smile.  They are now having friendly conversations with their clients. They have changed their demanding tone to a friendly tone. People like to be treated with respect. They like smiles and ‘thank you’s’ and ‘please’. They like to be honored. Even if you are going thru something difficult in your personal life, leave your problems at home.  A bad attitude will lose your job, which will add to your problems, not fix them.

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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