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State Of The House Address

Hear how to bring order to a disorderly nation on this Wednesday Radio Show!

A Greek philosopher once said the “saga of family is saga of nation written large.” What is conceived underneath your roof is birthed into your country: kids are having kids, marriage is as temporary as dating, life is lived beyond all reasonable means, people are overweight and under-the-influence. Who have we become? The state of this union starts with the state of your house!

We the people must stop pointing the finger at the government, stop slamming the presidential candidates, and take up our cause and walk! We the people must stop associating with mascots, whether an elephant or donkey, and we the people must associate with morals!

Press PLAY to:

  • Get order back into a disorderly nation
  • Help stabilize the falling economy
  • Be a part of lowering teen pregnancy rates
  • Discover how to reduce climbing divorce rates
  • Partner to eliminate the trillions of dollars of debt
  • Make a difference in your home, city, state, and nation!

What are you waiting for? Change starts here!

Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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