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How Much Is Your Success Worth To You?

We’re gearing up right now for the last 2013 First Steps To Success this weekend, and as I write this I’m hoping you will be among the nearly 1,100 people […]

We’re gearing up right now for the last 2013 First Steps To Success this weekend, and as I write this I’m hoping you will be among the nearly 1,100 people joining us in Ohio.

Ohio will not only be the last First Steps to Success for 2013, but is also breaking new ground as one of our biggest events for this time of year ever. I am so proud of everyone who took that initiative and made that commitment to take such a huge step in the direction of their success.

I hear stories all the time about people who have sold cars, liquidated assets because they know they need to stop making excuses and make it happen at any cost. We even have children of our clients who pay their own way to these events!

Why would they do that? They have decided they are not going to let this year end the same way last year did — behind on their goals and pushing them off to the next year (again).

Look, when I first started in businesses, I was blessed with the chance to be taken under the wing of a few highly successful millionaires. And as my mentors, they pushed me — hard — to get to seminars and trainings to increase my skill sets. No excuses, just doing whatever it took.

And it’s true, how was I supposed to make money in business with zero knowledge on how to do so?! In just the same way, you can’t expect to roll over and magically find yourself out of your “rut” and well on the path to success.

Your relationships don’t miraculously mend themselves. Your debts don’t instantly disappear with the wave of a magic wand. Your business doesn’t skyrocket into triple-digit growth. Bottom line, if you keep doing what you’re doing, you will get the same results you are getting right now.

Now, I don’t know if you also follow us on Facebook and are among the thousands of active members in our ever-growing online community. But as we prepare for this weekend’s event, I’ve been reading some comments this week to address your specific issues and concerns at First Steps To Success. And, let me tell you, to be really honest, some of these remarks are just downright DEPRESSING!

Don’t get me wrong, I am so thrilled with everyone who took the initiative to trash those excuses so they could come hang out with us this weekend. But, then I read the other comments telling me WE NEED to come to THEM. And, get this, the very worst ones are the people who LIVE IN THE AREA but start whining about having to drive an hour or two, so they “can’t come because that’s too far to drive or staying in a hotel for one night is too expensive.”

WOW! I hate to break this to you, but our business and event schedule does not revolve around what is most convenient for you! And if you’re waiting for us to announce we’re stopping by your house and taking you by the hand and leading you to one of our seminars, you are going to stay stuck where you are forever. This is YOUR life and YOU have to make the decision and be the source of changing your path. Blaming us for not coming to sit on your living room sofa or in your backyard is just another excuse standing between you and YOUR success.

We have so many clients who are looking to share hotel rooms and carpool to split costs. People pack their own lunches! I mean, come on, if a 9 year old can afford to pay his way to see us, so can you. If you really wanted to come, there is way to make it happen.

If you had doubts or excuses about coming this weekend, that tells me your mindset is still stuck in that “98%-er” pattern that’s always wanting something for nothing. You want someone to hand you all the answers and make you a millionaire overnight, right?

Whether or not you are attending the First Steps To Success event this weekend, I encourage you to drop that mindset! Have you made any excuses to yourself lately? “I can’t afford it, I’ve always been this way, I’m just unlucky, my parents didn’t raise me like that so I can’t…” All of these are mental excuses that keep you stuck and hold you back! And, you know, they really are LIES.

I know this may not have been what you were expecting to hear from me today! But that’s okay, because it is a message we all need to hear from time to time. Even I catch myself doing it. Let’s stop holding ourselves back! Share this message today on Facebook and Twitter, and leave me your comments. Talk about it!

I know you’re taking this all to heart and I will be seeing you in Ohio. And be sure to let those who will be missing out know about my special Spiritual Equipping Live show on Saturday night, coming from Cincinnati. It is FREE and open to the public. So seriously, if you are in the area come join us! You can also watch the live stream on the web at 7:00pm ET/6:o0pm CT


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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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