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If You Can Imagine It, You Can Live It!

I hope this message finds you having a great Monday so far. Get ready to be inspired today! I have a message for you that I believe is so timely […]

I hope this message finds you having a great Monday so far. Get ready to be inspired today! I have a message for you that I believe is so timely for your life and mine. And actually, what I’m about to tell you is totally universal and it applies in every area of life, every profession, every age, every nationality. You name it, it applies. And it has the potential to set you up for wild, crazy success that is far beyond what you thought is possible.

So to give you this principle, I’m going to use the example of one of our amazing and very faithful clients, Andris. The first time I met Andris was at a First Steps to Success event. I always like to know all the countries that are represented among the hundreds of people at these business seminars, so when I asked, he stood up and yelled out "Latvia!!!" I said, "Where? Where is Latvia?" I had never even heard of Latvia!

When Andris first heard about, he was working hard in his company (a language school), but he was in $60,000 of debt. The average income in Latvia is about $700/month, so $60K of debt is quite a heavy burden to carry. Andris was very skeptical at first, but he started doing some research and cautiously giving it a shot. He laughed as he told me this, but he got ahold of War on Debt, and after listening to it the first time, he hid it! He said, "I was happy with my Starbucks habit! I didn’t want to change my lifestyle, so I hid War on Debt from my wife."

But then he gave it another shot. He listened and studied, and he started implementing the strategies in War on Debt. And sure enough, his debt began to shrink!

He began coming to First Steps to Success and learning how to grow his business and how to keep paying off debt and live a financially independent lifestyle.

Within 13 months, his language school grew from 70 students to 1,600 students! His staff, which was 8-12 people before, is now 130. (25 of his staff members joined him at the First Steps to Success event we did last month in London.) And he has paid off $60,000 of debt and is now completely debt free. All within 13 months.

Andris has flown to the U.S. 6 times to go to First Steps to Success and Creating a Dynasty, which is our advanced leadership training seminar. And he never comes alone! He always brings people with him, whether it’s his family or his staff. And because he has invested into himself, his people, and his business, things grew very fast for him. His entire life has been transformed.

My friend, can you imagine having those kinds of results? Can you imagine how you would feel being able to annihilate $60,000 of debt that fast? Can you imagine your business growing that much, that fast?

If you can’t imagine it, you will not do it. If you cannot picture it, if you don’t plan for it, you will not do it.

Did you catch that? The reason your debt has been hanging around for all these years is because you haven’t had a plan to pay it off. You’ve been hoping the debt fairy would show up and make it disappear, or you’ve been praying for it to be cancelled. But that’s not how it works!

Hoping $60,000 of debt would disappear certainly didn’t make it go away for Andris. What did? He heard the stories, just like you’re reading this story right now. He learned the strategies, and he took action.

What do you think would have happened if Andris had heard about Ken, who paid off $10,000 of debt in 5 months, and he said, "Wow, I can’t imagine paying off that much debt, that fast!" What if Andris did not use War on Debt, which is the plan that was right in front of him? He would have the life, the success he has today. You would not be reading his story right now.

So today, I want you to imagine what your story will be in a year. How much debt will you pay off? How much will your income increase? How much will your business grow? How many times will you be promoted?

If you can’t imagine it, you will not do it. So imagine it! Plan for it! Do it!

In one year (or maybe even less), I want to be telling your story. I want to celebrate your success with you!

I hope Andris’ story has encouraged and inspired you today. I hope you take his story as proof that if you can imagine it, if you plan for it, and if you take action, you can do it!

Who else do you know that could use some encouragement and inspiration today? Please share this message with them. Just as you have freely received this today, please freely share it. You can also post this link on Facebook and Twitter.

Have a great Monday, and I’ll talk to you tonight on our live Monday Night Strategy Call at 9 pm ET/8 pm CT!


In great faith,


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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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