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What Gifts Mean The Most To You?

Now that your gifts have been unwrapped, all the eggnog finished and any carolers safely returned home, I am asking you to take a minute to think about the best […]

Now that your gifts have been unwrapped, all the eggnog finished and any carolers safely returned home, I am asking you to take a minute to think about the best gift you ever got. Sure, you can include the current round of holiday presents – and while you’re at it, add in anything from birthdays and other special occasions.

Some folks even give themselves gifts. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that… I certainly do it, too! I give myself the gift of time; I give myself the freedom to spend my days doing activities I love; I give myself the gift of dear friendships; I give myself the gift of spiritual study.

So, what gifts do you give yourself? If you take a look at my list, you’ll see the things I treasure really can’t be wrapped up in a box with a pretty bow on top. But, I can guarantee you – these are the very best gifts I could ever receive!

I’m not trying to tarnish the glow of both recent gifts and treasured memories of past presents. But, while enjoying the warm feelings remaining from these “gift-giving” days, wouldn’t this be an excellent time to consider what means the very most in your life?

Across a wide span of surveys, research projects and general public polls, asking some version of the question “What is most important in your life?” the results pretty much line up across the board. And, no surprise, not a single one can be wrapped in a gift box! So, let’s take a look a what people said:

  • Family: Regardless of age, culture, education or economics in almost every survey, the importance of family ranked first in the lives of people. Whether the family you were born into, the family you married into or the family you created, this is an irreplaceable thing in life – and by far the most important to everyone.
  • Friends: These relationships came in a very close second. As humans, we all need and want that contact with other people and find it one of the most valuable things on our journey through life.
  • Health: This ranking actually covered two results of the surveys with personal wellness actually ranking just above the health of loved ones. Let’s face it, without your health and the good health of your family/friends, nothing else really matters.
  • Finances/standard of living/housing: With this one, now we finally get to something which can actually be measured! This particular answer took a variety of forms, including a sense of security and an ability to provide for yourself and those in your life. And, yes, this also involved wealth and financial independence.
  • Social/leisure activities: This one tied into all of the other answers. When mentioned, it involved spending time with family and friends, the time to pursue interests and passions, and the money to do all those things.

Now, there’s one more – and the one that ranks number one on my personal list of the most important things in my life. It’s a spiritual relationship. I know that without this, I would have none of the other things on the list! Unfortunately, a lot of people miss this one and it explains why their lives lack any or all of the other stuff on the list.

So, I ask you again – what is most important in your life? Does your list include any or all of the things above? If so, are these a part of your life or are you missing one or more of the things you want? As you take inventory of your “holiday haul” consider whether these things are just trying to fill another void in your life and what matters most to you. If you want more, if you want it all, it can all be yours if you’re willing to claim it.

If you are blessed with family, friends, good health and security in your life don’t forget to give thanks for these precious gifts! And, don’t forget to spread this message – and your gratitude – with those in your life. Tell me below what’s most important in your life and be sure to “Like” and “Share” on your social networks. Who knows how many lives you could change!

Speaking of changing lives, we’re doing it every Sunday evening on The Dani Johnson Show at 9 pm ET/8 pm CT on television, radio, live online streaming and even on your tablet or smartphone. I hope you can join me then!


In great faith,


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