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Are You In A Dysfunctional Relationship with Your Finances?

If you don't realize you are in a relationship with your money, you probably aren't treating it right.

Have you seen, or more likely been IN, a dysfunctional relationship? There are different types of dysfunction: you and your significant other aren’t talking and avoid each other or the flip-side where you’ve become overly-dependent on each other and virtually inseparable.

Do you have a similar relationship with your money? You’re trying so hard not to talk about money, you won’t pick up the mail or answer the phone for fear of a bill collector? Or maybe you just think about what you want to buy with money and how to get more of it.

Whether it’s avoidance or dependency, money is always on your mind. And the bottom line is, this certainly isn’t a healthy relationship!

If you didn’t realize you are in a relationship with your money, you probably aren’t treating it right. And if you don’t have the skills to handle your money now, you will be even more messed up when you do have more of it!

Let me ask you a few questions and if you say “yes” to any of them, you might need to rethink your current relationship status.

  • Are you addicted to making money or spending money?
  • Do you depend on your money or your ability to make money?
  • Can you never get enough money?
  • Do you always wish you had more money?
  • Are you stingy with your money?

Look, money is a very valuable tool. When used correctly and under healthy circumstances it can really do great things. But if you believe money is everything, that’s how you will live your life. And trust me, if you believe that then you will never make enough money.

Because unless you tell your money where to go, it will get sucked into endless “things.”

So how do you put intention behind your money? You won’t like the answer! It’s called a budget. Sit down and assign what money is going where. Tell it where to go!

It’s time to start using your money as a tool and not as a significant other. End the war with your finances, drop the cold shoulder act and make changes to fix it.

What changes are you going to make in your relationship with money moving forward? Leave me your comments on social media and remember to Like and Share today’s message.

Looking for even more info on how to achieve financial freedom? Check out our website. We have tons of free content that can help you start living your life by design and not by default.

In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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