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Bible School Stories In The Real World

The Bible has incredible stories of miracles and divine interventions, but do these types of events still happen today?

Moses parted the Red Sea. Peter healed a man born lame. Jesus walked on water during a raging storm and raised the dead. The Bible has incredible stories of miracles and divine interventions, but do these types of events still happen today?

Growing up, you might have heard similar Bible school stories. But what do you think of those miracles now that you’re an adult? Have you ever wondered why those type of miracles aren’t happening in the world today? Some people find these miracles as nothing more than parables, but what if I told you those huge epic miracles are still occurring in the world today?

Recently I interviewed Daniel Fazzina on my radio show, author of Divine Intervention: 50 True Stories of God’s Miracles Today and I want to share with you a piece of that conversation and what motivated Daniel to start his Divine Intervention testimonial line and radio show.

“Daniel had a blessing of being miraculously healed twice. Once from cancer and once from a deformity in his back. He also has witnessed… man, how many miraculous stories have you heard from the line of work you’re in today?”

When I asked him that, he actually laughed! And told me, “Haha, Dani it is such blessing I get to talk to people on a regular basis. I’ve done over 180 radio interviews and there are many more I’ve heard from people submitting stories to me.” That sounds nuts, right…180?!

Like you, I wondered what story stuck out to him the most, beside his own healing, of course. “One of the amazing stories that stands out to me, that I included it in my book is that of Ema McKinley from Rochester, Minnesota.” I want to share this story real quickly today, because it will totally encourage you!

Ema was in a workplace accident in 1993. While working at a department store and she climbed up to get some boxes when a heat vent kicked in. The heat overtook her and she fainted and fell back, but her leg was caught between some boxes and boards so she actually was hanging upside down, unconscious for a few hours before someone found her and brought her to the hospital.

She woke up with a concussion and had lost part of her hearing. After about a month, her leg had healed but she’d developed what is known as RSD, reflex sympathetic dystrophy. Daniel explained to me, “It’s a very painful condition and she explained, it’s like your nerves and joints are inflamed with pain.” Her hand curled up into, her foot started deforming. She was like this, on 23 medications, morphine-paralyzed on her left side. She was in a wheelchair for over 18 years..

Fast forward to 2011, Christmas Eve. She was at her computer and went to turn her wheelchair when it tipped over. She fell over, out of her wheelchair and couldn’t move. She cried out in pain to Jesus, thinking for sure He was either going to come save her or take her home. And then she saw Him! He appeared, opened up her clenched hand, straightened her back and fully healed her. Ema’s two sons showed up Christmas morning and were greeted by their mother standing tall and miraculously healed!

Daniel hears stories like this on a daily basis! Unfortunately, our world is so hurt, broken, negative and distrusting, that a lot of these stories are simply dismissed or just overlooked. But the miracles are there and they aren’t just for “special” people.

I’ve noticed when I run into trouble, I try to think of any way to fix it. But in the end, it never gets solved until you turn it over to God. Which leads to the two things I want you to take away from today’s message. One is just encouragement! It isn’t often you hear great stories like this and it’s truly needed to strengthen our faith and motivate us. The second thing is, if you are struggling right now, it might be time to surrender. Whatever kind of hurt it is, let God have it already!

Leave me your comments and tell me about a time you finally saw results after turning your troubles over to God. And make sure you Like and Share today’s message and pass the encouragement around!

Looking for more encouragement? I’ll be on The Dani Johnson Show twice today sharing a specially-prepared spiritual message. Join us at 12 pm ET and again at 7 pm ET. You can tune into the show on either your TV or radio and please remember you can always stream today’s show right on our website.

In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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