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How To Cash In On The World Of Financial Blessing

If you remember, last week I shared with you my thoughts on a recent trip I took to Haiti. Since that trip, we’ve added another big project to our plates […]

If you remember, last week I shared with you my thoughts on a recent trip I took to Haiti. Since that trip, we’ve added another big project to our plates in light of a totally heartbreaking catastrophe an orphanage in India just experienced.

Home of Hope is an orphanage that has taken in over 300 orphaned boys of India. The orphanage specializes in educating these little boys, caring for them and training them to succeed in life. Recently, India passed a new law forbidding the orphanage from taking in children from other states.

What this means for Home of Hope is that many of the boys who were rescued from a horrible, emotionally devastating past were forcibly removed, put on a bus back to their original hometowns and told to fend for themselves. Home of Hope is quickly trying to transform the orphanage into a school that offers free housing so they will be allowed to bring everyone back.

Have you ever had a trauma occur in your life and even though you move on, are there still places or towns you would just rather not visit? I can’t stand going back to the town where I went to high school, because it’s just full of horrible memories.

It breaks my heart thinking about these kids being forced to go back to a town where they were abandoned, where they watched their parents get raped and murdered and now where they are deserted once again to find their own way. Imagine, if you are a parent or have a wonderful child in your life, that 8-year-old child being just dropped on a street corner hundreds or THOUSANDS of miles away from school, family, friends… everything he knows in life and told, “Go on, go take care of yourself!” Yeah, THAT’S what we’re talking about here!

I’m not trying to pressure you into giving away all your money or put a guilt trip on you to donate. But I do want to share something very important about making money and generating actual wealth. You see, if you want to be successful, you need to understand that you literally reap what you sow. When I was 21, I was homeless for the whole month of December. By January, I had managed to start a business from the trunk of my car and move into an apartment. Over the next 6 months, I made near 50K. And you know what I did with all that money?

I bought clothes, I bought STUFF. It was all “me, me, me.” If you are sowing into selfish desires, you will never reap anything of honor. You will spend every dime you make. All I know is, ever since my husband and I opened our ears to the cries of the orphans we have finally found financial stability. Because we stopped making money all about fulfilling our selfish wants.

I’ve seen firsthand the lives I’ve changed and it just motivates me to help more! I’ve witnessed how we CAN make a difference and even if it just affects one person, that is enough. If you could save just one life, isn’t that enough?

I truly believe if you ignore the cry of the orphan and the widow, from inside your comfortable house with the heat turned all the way up and a microwave dinner, your cries will also be ignored. You reap what you sow! If you are not out there helping, who will you turn to when you’re in need?

Instead of making money about buying more stuff, put a purpose to your money. Make it about helping others, saving others! Because I can tell you from experience THAT is more fulfilling and will bring you more joy than a new pair of jeans ever will.

You have a chance RIGHT NOW to PLEAD the cause of these kids. When you join in this IMPORTANT endeavor your whole life will change. Sounds goofy, I know… but our life changed when we started defending the orphan.

Give what you can… more importantly, get others to give what they can. Wouldn’t you rather see THIS “go viral” than another video of a cute puppy or kitten? Most importantly, don’t be one of the oblivious masses who only sows into “me, me, me.” It won’t win you any friends, it won’t make you happy and it won’t lead to your financial success!

Tell me how giving back has affected your life! Or maybe what changes you’re trying to make so you can start sowing better financial seeds. Leave me your comments and as always, Like and Share today’s message with your friends.

This Wednesday is The Spiritual Equipping Broadcast at 8 pm ET/7 pm CT. Grab your pen, notebook and be ready to join us then!


In great faith,


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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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