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Think Outside Your Dead-End Job

It wouldn't matter if you had the perfect job… If you are not looking for satisfaction, you will not be satisfied.

Are you unhappy with your current job? Maybe you feel stuck, with no hope of a promotion and no skill sets to find a better one. You’re not alone, apparently, 57% of people are unhappy with their jobs! CBS News reported the biggest factor in this statistic is because people feel underpaid and have no room for growth.

Our society is so focused on whether or not something satisfies them, but they don’t know how to find satisfaction in what they’re doing. They see an article like the one from Fox Business, and even if they aren’t dissatisfied in their job, they start to think that way. They see boredom presented as an acceptable reason to leave a job. So, guess what? Soon they complain about being bored at work!

One thing leads to another, and the next thing you know, they are completely dissatisfied and miserable in their job. Yes, this employee who was once a hard worker and very happy at their job is now convinced he or she is in a “dead-end job.”

One career “expert” told Forbes magazine, “A dead-end job is one where you don’t see any opportunity for growth, or where an everyday task seems like a burden instead of an achievement, or where there is no appreciation or acknowledgement for your work.” REALLY??? HELLO!!! Wake up!

If you are waiting for the opportunity to grow to come knocking on your door, you’ve got a problem. If you don’t see any opportunity for growth in your current position, then guess what… Your job is not the dead-end. YOU ARE!

The truth is, no matter what your job is, there is always room for growth. There is always the opportunity to improve. If you are bored in your job, don’t go looking for another job! Look for new skills you can learn and new needs you can fill inside of your current company. If you feel like you are underpaid or under-appreciated, don’t walk away! Look for ways to increase your value.

You must prosper where you’re planted. I know it’s easy to think if you just had that perfect job or if you married that perfect person or if you had the perfect kids, you wouldn’t have any of the problems you’re facing right now. But the truth is, none of that stuff really matters. It wouldn’t matter if you had the perfect job… If you are not looking for satisfaction, you will not be satisfied.

So it all comes down to this: Find satisfaction in your work. When you work with excellence and diligence, and when you are invested into your company, you will find satisfaction.

Have you ever experienced either side of this equation – being totally dissatisfied or totally satisfied in your work? I’d love to know what you think about this. Tell me what makes you satisfied when it comes to work. I really love hearing your feedback, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you have to say about The Daily Fix today.

You and I have both have heard people all around us complaining about their jobs or their bosses, or even those who are worrying about unemployment rates and not being able to find a job. Do you see how what you just read impacts all of those areas? Can you imagine if all of those people got a chance to read the message you just read? Things would be a little different, don’t you think? Leave me your comments and Like and Share this message with your friends and family.

What are you doing for lunch today? I can’t wait to talk with you more! So be sure to join us this afternoon for The Dani Johnson Show at 12 pm ET/11 am CT. You can tune into the show on either your TV or radio and please remember you can always stream today’s show right on our website.


In great faith,


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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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