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How to Feast While Being Frugal!

These strategies are not just about paying off debt. It’s about living a financially-independent life with investments, savings, vacations... or any number of other things you dream about!

I get questions all the time, from people all over the world, asking how on earth I feed my whole family (and lots of frequent guests!) on an average of $100 per week. And NO, we don’t eat Top Ramen… I’m a gourmet cook! Lots of people just can’t believe I spend so little at the grocery store.

I’ve shared my strategies with tens of thousands of people, and everyone who applied them, saved hundreds (for some, even thousands) of dollars every month. Look at Londa, for example. She used to spend $400 a week on groceries for her family of 9. After taking the strategies I’m about to share with you, she now spends $85 a week. Plus, she paid off over $290K of debt!

Now, if you’re not in debt, that’s great and I am so proud of you! But don’t tune me out here. The strategies I’m sharing with you today are not just about paying off debt. It’s about living a financially-independent life. The money you save can be used for investments, savings, vacations… or any number of other things you dream about!

One place where people spend the most money is on food. Yes, food is essential. You cannot avoid having to buy food (unless, of course, you raise everything yourself). It’s just part of life. However, you really have to look at how much you’re spending and what you’re spending it on.

So, here are three easy ways to save money on groceries:

  1. Eat out of your pantry. The very first place you can save money on your grocery bill is actually not at the grocery store – it’s in your own kitchen! If you have food in your pantry, refrigerator or freezer (and for a lot of people, in your second freezer), you do not need to go to the grocery store! Use what’s in your kitchen first. You may need to get creative, and cook up something new with the ingredients you have on hand. You’ll be surprised by what you can come up with! Some of my family’s favorite dishes started this way. I only shop for food once a week, and we eat all of the food we have for that week. If there is food in my kitchen, this millionaire is not going to the grocery store!
  2. Plan ahead. Planning ahead saves you time and money. If you do not have a strategic plan in place to keep you on track, you set yourself up for failure and will be controlled by your cravings. Your brain shuts off and your body tells you what it wants. Instead of “planning to fail,” make a list and stick to it! (I shared exactly how to do this, and I even gave out my personal shopping list on our “Debt Elimination & Financial Independence” teleseminar.) When you make a plan each week, you save yourself from making those extra trips to the store for one or two items… which always turns into buying 5-6 (or 20) extra things you don’t even need! Simple planning will save you time and money, and you will be healthier as a result of planning smarter choices ahead!
  3. Shop the grocery store perimeter. Believe it or not, everything you need at the grocery store is around the perimeter. Right now, mentally walk through your grocery store, and think about what is along the edges. Fresh produce, meat, cheese, eggs. You may have to step into the middle aisles to get bread or a few other things, but go grab those few things and then get outta there! The middle is where you find the boxed, canned and pre-packaged foods, chips, sodas, ice cream, alcohol, etc. Those things are expensive and definitely not good for you, anyway!

So today, I want to challenge you. I want you to use these strategies this week, and let me know what happens. You could be like Ivy, who was spending $250 on food every week, and is now spending $55-65 each week to feed her family of 5 (and she’s paid off over $10,000 of debt)!

I’d love to know your thoughts about The Daily Fix today. Have you tried any of these strategies? What were your results? What are your best money-saving tips for grocery shopping? Share them with me on our social media sites!

In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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