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Find Lost Time To Pursue Your Goals

What you focus on you will get good at. Adjust priorities, take back control of your time and live by design.

What is your job description? I’m not just talking about your “day job,” but all the other jobs you step into every day of your life. You could be a mother, a father, a loyal friend, the neighborhood go-to handyman, the super-supportive long-distance big sister, the listening ear…

You could also be a part-time couch potato, professional binge Facebooker or a constant “selfie” taker. What you focus on, you will get good at. Taking an honest look at how you spend your time could have a huge impact on whether you’re living your life by design.

You see, when you live in “default” mode, you follow the life plan of someone else. Wake up, go to work, clock out right a 5, spend some time with the kids, eat and watch television until bedtime. A person who lives by default is not planning for the life they want, they just wish they could live differently, all the while not working actively to achieve it.

Do you focus on things that get the best results, or waste time on things that take you further from your goals? If not, it might be time to reclaim your lost time, and start living your life by your design!

If you are currently fulfilling a job position that takes time and focus away from your other priorities and pays you nothing, you need to resign! If you are a full-time customer service representative and a full-time, unpaid “counselor” for your friends, and a full-time member of your extended family, you are over-extending yourself – when do you have time for YOU?

No wonder you don’t have time to pursue other goals!

I want to share with you real quickly Trish Robert’s story. She used to live as a slave to her time, instead of taking control of it. “I was working 10-12 hours/day 6 and sometimes 7 days a week just to pay the bills. I was burnt out, stressed out and deep in debt. When my 5-year-old son said to me ‘Mommy, can you turn off the computer?’ I knew something had to change. I plugged in and my life started to sort itself out. I now have time to play with my kids; my husband is my best friend again. I started a new business and generated over $19,000 in 37 days; we have paid off over $8,000 in debt in 9 months. Start designing your life instead of being a slave to it.”

It’s time to start living your life instead of being a slave to it! Is this to say you should stop being the supportive ear, keeping in touch with family on Facebook or not pursuing your hobbies? Absolutely not! But you do need to set your priorities and boundaries.

Ultimately, it comes down to evaluating where you spend your time. If you eliminate a lot of the extra job positions and daily activities that are NOT getting you closer to your goals and dreams and start to focus on your priorities that pay-out in better relationships, career advancement and progress toward your financial goals – you will find greater lifelong benefits.

If you stopped living by default and started living by design what would that look like? What if you actually had time to focus on the things you love? What if you could finally have more fun, help more people, become more successful and be more efficient?

I hope today’s message encourages you to take a look at how you are spending your time and where you need to take it back! List out what is most important in your life and where you could be focusing on more beneficial or productive activities. Leave me your comments below and share The Daily Fix with your friends and family by hitting Like and Share.

In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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