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Face Your Fear Of Confrontation

Conflicts suck! Most people fear confrontation because they've had sour experiences in the past, when confrontations have turned into outright battles. But, believe it or not, confrontation is a skill set!

Have you ever had a miscommunication or conflict arise suddenly, ruining your whole day? You have a spat at home before you leave for work or your coworkers or employees are just not listening… and you’re frustrated. It’s the worst when you have unresolved conflicts as you’re leaving home, right?

Not just because it ruins your day, but it takes time away from your productivity. It makes it hard to focus and ultimately, the quality of your work suffers. And that stress sucks!

I want to take the time today to help you to address these conflicts and then to move on quickly. Most people fear confrontation because they’ve had sour experiences in the past, when confrontations turned into outright battles. But, believe it or not, confrontation is a skill set!

The first thing you have to realize, is you can’t change anyone. People are who they are and each personality is different. You can’t make mean people be nice, force someone to follow directions or listen to you. Ultimately, the only thing you can control is your interactions with others.

What has conflict ever done for you? Chances are it stressed you out, stole your time and damaged your relationships. Positives? Few, if any.

So always confront a miscommunication immediately. The perfect starting line? Especially if someone seems to be speaking to a specific situation, start with “If I have done something to cause ___, I’d like to resolve that. I’m really sorry for ___.” Clear the air, respectfully, and move on. Don’t let a miscommunication or offense fester. Remember: encourage the other person, address the conflict, end on encouragement.

Confrontation is not a time to rattle off a laundry list of faults, name call or put each other down. If the conversation starts to go that way, apologize and move back to encouragement. Focus on the fact everyone is on the same team and find solutions to move forward.

What you focus on you will get good at. If you’re wasting your day with conflicts and the stress it causes, that means it is stealing time from productive work and happiness. Instead of trying to change people to match you (which we know is impossible), just work to swiftly solve any misunderstandings. Get the tools you need in the “Relationships” content in this free sample of our NEW LifeMap To Success subscription.

Do you see how this skill set can help you live with less stress and be more productive? Leave me your comments below and Like and Share this message with your friends and family. Let’s spread a more peaceful, respectful environment.

In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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