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Is This Little Mistake Costing You Big Bucks?

The sad reality is, most people will fight harder to avoid losing something they already have, than they will to gain something of greater value. Are YOU making this costly mistake?

Did you know one little mistake could be costing you thousands (or even millions) of dollars! This one tiny thing can cause you to lose clients, lose business partners, lose money, and to even lose relationships. It could cause you to lose the very things you worked so hard to get.

This particular mistake is so simple, you probably don’t even realize you’re doing it. (And if you don’t know it, you can’t fix it!) When you’re afraid of losing something – business, money, relationships, jobs – you are looking in the wrong direction. Your focus is in the wrong place!

The sad reality is, most people will fight harder to avoid losing something they already have, than they will to gain something of greater value. But you cannot reach a bigger and better place, if you’re afraid of losing what you’ve got.

I can tell you this because I made this extremely costly mistake, early in my career, and suffered the consequences. I want to save you a lot of work and heartache today by sharing 3 areas to place your focus and keep you moving forward on the right track.

  • Focus: The Law of Focus says, whatever you focus on is what you get good at, and whatever you focus on you get more of. If you are busy focusing on the clients you’re afraid to lose, the money you’re afraid you won’t make, the job you’re afraid of getting fired from, or on your kids who won’t behave, then you’re not focusing on the clients you have, the money you are making, the job you already have and be working with excellence and diligence, or the children you need to be grooming for success.

You cannot focus on the positive and the negative simultaneously, just as you cannot look north and south at the same time. So stop focusing on what’s going wrong, what’s not going fast enough or what could be better, and start focusing on what’s going right, what’s growing, and the results you are producing.

Don’t focus on the 9 people who said, “No.” Focus on the 1 who said “YES!” Celebrate every success, and let those spur you on to your next success. What you feed will flourish and what you neglect will die.

  • Create results: It’s easy to get so wrapped up in facts and figures, processes and appointments, you forget to focus on actually creating results. It doesn’t matter how many hours you work, how many appointments you set or how organized you are, if you are not producing real, concrete results. When you choose to focus on creating results, you’re focusing on growth.
  • Have faith: You must choose to have faith in what you’re doing. Choose to believe and trust what you’re doing, the money you’ve invested into building your business, the time you’re investing into your clients and the effort you’re putting into your family and relationships, will produce results.When you believe in what you’re doing, you begin to carry yourself in a way that shows you believe. And this leads to success.

My friend, I want to see you succeed in your business, career, relationships, finances and family. I truly hope you will take these three simple, but powerful, tips and apply them in your life today to avoid making a costly mistake, and to push you onward to your success.

I would love to know your thoughts about The Daily Fix today. Your comments really let me know how I can better help you. What did you get out of the message today? How will you apply these tips in your life? I can’t wait to read your answers! (So, please leave me your comments below!)

Take a minute to share this letter with your friends, family and coworkers! You never know who is making this specific mistake in their own business, career or relationships, and you could be the one to turn it around for someone by simply forwarding this letter or posting this link on Facebook and Twitter.

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In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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