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Success demands commitment. If you lack committed, you will never succeed. So how can you strengthen your own commitment and inspire commitment in those around you? Read to find out!

Are you totally committed to the important things in your life? There’s a really quick test to find out if you are. (I’ll get to that in a minute.)

You see, in order to succeed in anything – your business or career, paying off your debt, growing your finances, marriage, family, traveling, helping orphans – commitment is a requirement. Success demands commitment. Without commitment, you will never succeed.

When you are not committed, it shows. People often fail to committed to their business. Sure, they might be committed for a little while, but as soon as they run into any trouble, they quit. Others have a dream to feed orphans or supply clean water for the poor in other countries, yet months go by and they’ve done nothing to give either their time and money… or even spread a message about those needs.

A lot of people say they want to do something, but more often than not, they just don’t do what they say they’re going to do.

Here’s a quick test to determine whether or not you are committed: Do you complain? Yep… that’s it! Complaining shows you are not committed. It shows you aren’t “all in.”

The truth is, if you are not “all in’” to succeed in your business, people around you know it – especially your prospects, customers and coworkers. So think about it… why in the world would anyone follow you, if they know you’re not committed? They won’t, because they know you will eventually quit.

If you are not committed to your marriage, you probably complain a lot about your spouse. If you complain about your spouse, it shows you have already taken a step, in the wrong direction, toward quitting your marriage.

It’s the same with your kids. If you are fully committed to being the best parent you could possibly be, complaining is not an option. Success is the only option! You need to find solutions to handle those challenging times, from toddlers all the way to teens, with everything from homework to keeping their rooms clean.

If you are not committed in your job, you complain about your boss, your coworkers, as well as, the work you have to do. Certainly, that signals a lack of commitment… and that will never lead to success!

Where there is no commitment, there is no ownership. Where there is no ownership, there is no success. Period, end of story.

So if you’re committed in your business, you’re not complaining your customers aren’t buying or about your employees or distributors. You’re finding solutions. You’re tracking your results and improving yourself. You’re seeking to learn the skills you must learn in order to succeed. That’s what a committed person does.

But, someone who is not committed simply complains until they sell themselves on quitting. Do you understand complaining is a form of sales? It is making a case against the thing you said you wanted to succeed in.

You’ve got to stop complaining and start finding solutions. There are solutions all around you, right in front of you. Even here at, there are solutions for everything I just mentioned.

And here’s the thing about solutions: They may cost you money and time. And why? Because if it doesn’t cost you something, it has no value to you. And if it has no value to you, you will not implement those important solutions. But when you put skin in the game and make an investment of your time or money into learning the skills you need to implement solutions to bring you success, you are “all in.”

I bet you can think of times in your life when quitting was absolutely not an option. I’m sure you can think of times when you never even allowed your mind to entertain the thought of quitting. You refused to see the downside of what you were doing because you were so focused on finding solutions.

The bottom line is, you will either focus on solutions, or focus on complaining. Only one will lead to success in your business, career, family, finances and life. So keep your focus on solutions and shut the door on complaints waiting to fly out of your mouth.

Imagine if your entire office, all your employees or coworkers, your whole family and every single one of your clients, grasped this concept! Do you see how that could completely change the dynamics of your work environment, your relationships… along with your bank account?

Guess what – it’s really simple to get everyone on the same page. In fact, all you have to do is share this message. Just shoot them an email with this link, or share it on Facebook and Twitter. You might even want to print this out and simply hand it to your coworkers, business partners and clients today.

If you truly commit to helping your family or organization succeed, you must focus on finding solutions – and I just handed you a solution today. And, please share your thoughts on commitment – or a time when quitting was not an option in your life – in the comments below.

In great faith,


Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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