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Do You Seek God Just In BAD Times…Or In GOOD Times, Too?!

Seasons of drought will ALWAYS's not a matter of IF, but WHEN. Unfortunately, it's ONLY during these dry seasons, do we THEN seek God – neglecting Him in good times and using Him in the bad!

We all go through different seasons in our lives. Some seasons bring abundant blessings. Everything goes along fine, all of our needs are met and we’re generally satisfied. These times may seem like happy, carefree, easy, fruitful times. But they hold danger, as well, because it is so easy to quit pursuing God in these seasons. When all of our needs are met, we don’t “need” God. (Or so we think…) We stop being hungry, because we have everything we need.

But, when we hit the seasons of drought, our hunger returns and we cry out to Him. When we’re dry, don’t have the answers, hurt and lost, THEN we seek God. We may even beg or bargain with Him.

Too quickly, we neglect Him in the good times and use Him in the bad times.

I’ve seen this happen so often. In the beginning, when we’re hungry and desperate, we wake up in the middle of the night, get up early, spend hour after hour seeking God. We just want to be with Him. We put aside our own needs and wants, just so we can spend more time with Him.

But as time goes on, our desperation decreases and hunger all but disappears.

You see, our relationship with our Father is all about the pursuit. Do we pursue Him? Do we seek Him? Do we follow Him? The pursuit is what makes us.

However, most of us pursue comfort, convenience, what’s easy… what’s right in front of us.

For years, I only pursued God when I needed something. I manipulated and used Him, just to try to get something from Him.

That’s what we do so often. Instead of really joining Him as His bride and truly become one with Him, we use Him to find satisfaction… while we remain in a dissatisfied place.

Honestly, it took me a LOT of training to pursue Him daily, whether I was in a dry, dissatisfied place or a fruitful, abundant place. You have to fight to remain hungry through your blessed, fulfilled times, when your prayers have been answered. Unfortunately, when your prayers have been answered you forget to pursue Him with that same desperation, hunger and desire for intimacy, to hear Him, to feel Him, to be locked in with His presence.

Dry seasons will always come. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

Sometimes you’re dry, because things are hard – that’s just life. But sometimes you get dry, because you’ve been blessed. Let me explain: A “dry season” always follows blessings. Look at a garden. What follows harvest time? Death. Nothing grows. It’s dry, empty, lifeless. That’s how life works. We will always have seasons of fruitfulness and seasons of drought.

We tend to stop pursuing Him during seasons of blessing, making our winters ever so much more dry and crippling and painful. But if you pursue Him in the good times and bad, you set yourself up for blessings… even in the driest of times.

In fact, some of my favorite times with Him have been during my dry seasons. And that’s only because I learned to focus on pursuing Him in my blessed seasons.

So, let me encourage you today. If you’re in a blessed season right now, press into Him. Seek him. Follow Him! Do not stop pursuing Him, just because you don’t necessarily need anything from Him, at the moment. Pursue Him, because you want to build a relationship with your Father.

If you’re in a dry season, keep seeking Him! Keep pressing in. And watch your Inbox next week, because I’ll be talking about what to do during your dry seasons. It’s vital to learn how to navigate those seasons, so you can continue growing and moving forward, preparing for what’s ahead.

I would love to know your thoughts about The Daily Fix today. Did you find any value? What season are you in? Have you fallen into the same pattern I did in the past, only seeking God when you need something, instead of seeking Him to build or strengthen your relationship? Let me know below!

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In great faith,


Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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