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October 20th Friday Favorites – Behind The Scenes At

It's time for our Friday Favorites, again! And this week, we've got some new additions to the family and you can positively FEEL the joy in the air! Find out why...

Welcome to another week of Friday Favorites! Here is everything the crew has been buzzing about this week:

What Has Us SUPER Excited:

Team members Roman Johnson and Rachael Phillips tie the knot TODAY!! We all pray for blessing and thanksgiving over them, as they begin their lives together.

We had an INCREDIBLE First Steps To Success last weekend in Atlanta. We heard so many amazing stories from our clients, reminding us how blessed we are to do what we do, everyday. Listen to this story from a courageous young woman, Jenn, a former meth addict and prostitute who TRANSFORMED her life after First Steps To Success.


…we announced our inaugural First Steps To Success for 2018! Dani will bring First Steps To Success to San Diego, CA on January 19-21 and unveil a breakthrough overhaul for 2018. Reserve your seat NOW to experience three – that’s right THREE – action-packed days of Dani sharing her simple strategies, proven techniques and powerful execution plans, to help you reach every personal and professional goal you have!

(P.S. You can find even more behind-the-scenes stories from First Steps To Success on our Facebook page, right here.)

Some More Excitement From The Crew:

Of course, we had to provide a picture of the kiddos…

And another crew member, Tammy, is expecting her first child in January!

A Couple Of Lessons We Learned This Week:

As individuals, we each go through different seasons. You can’t force a harvest season on someone who’s in their planting season. You can’t ram a pruning season down someone’s throat, if they’re in a harvest season. So, whatever season you’re in, give thanks and find the joy in your current season.

When we make mistakes, we do have to go back and clean up the mess. But mistakes also leave great opportunity for growth!

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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