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“Someday, When I’m RICH, I’ll ________…”

Some people spend their entire lives talking about this perfect life they will have SOMEDAY...but your dream life will not just fall out of the sky. However, if you follow the laws of success, you WILL reap the rewards!

A lot of people dream of being rich someday. They have this perfect little picture of how they will live their happy lives, with their successful families, in their dream house – after they get rich.

Some people spend their entire lives talking about this perfect life they will have someday, as they sit and wait for it to just happen. Whether they’re waiting to win the lottery or receive an inheritance from some mysterious, long-lost relative or even think they’re going to start a business someday and retire as a multimillionaire in a few years, it’s all just dreaming.

But there IS something most people don’t know about wealth. It’s something so simple – and it can either work FOR you or AGAINST you. And I’m going to tell you exactly what that is… but, what you do with it after today, is totally up to YOU.

Let me ask you a question: What happens if you break a law? Consequences, right? And this is true even if you don’t know the law! But, if you follow the laws, you reap rewards.

So, let’s talk about the law of gravity. Even if you had no idea the law of gravity existed, what would happen if you jumped out of a 14th floor window? Would gravity cease to exist just because you weren’t aware of it? Would you somehow float safely to the ground? No! Why? Because the law of gravity is in effect, whether you know it or not.

I know you’re thinking, “Dani, what in the world does gravity have to do with success?!”

Well, just as there are traffic laws and the laws of physics, there are laws for success. You MUST follow these principles to create wealth, have fulfilling relationships, get promoted in your job and build a successful business. But if you don’t know these laws, chances are you’re breaking them. And what happens when you break a law? Consequences!

The laws of success are equally-important as those “concrete” money-making skills. They form the foundation of success in your finances, relationships, business and career. And without this foundation, long-lasting success will continue to elude you.

I am living proof these laws work. Before I learned the laws and started following them, I was a broke, homeless cocktail waitress. I wasn’t even thinking about success or becoming wealthy… I was homeless! I had nothing! But once I learned the laws, I began to reap the rewards from following them. That’s how laws work!

Laws are not there to limit or hurt you; they are there to guide and direct you. Laws are there to help you – but they can only help you if you know them! Knowing the law of gravity can keep you from jumping out a 14th floor window and plummeting to your death. Knowing the laws of success will help you succeed in every area of your life.

Your dream life will not just fall out of the sky. You will not wake up one morning and discover you’re living the perfect life. That will never happen! But if you learn to follow the laws of success and work diligently, you WILL reap the rewards.

These laws will lead you to fame and fortune. They will help you fulfill your dreams of helping orphans all over the world. They will give you have a passionate marriage. They will allow you to equip your children for success.

I encourage you to get these principles working in your favor today. Don’t leave your success to chance – follow the laws to create your dream life!

Please take a minute to pass this message along to your friends, family and coworkers today… and let me know your thoughts below! You never know who desperately needs this guidance and direction for their lives, so share this on your social media sites or even print it out and pass it around. Freely you have received this message today, so please freely share it!

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In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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