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Why Settle For “Good” – When You Can Have GREAT?!

Identify the places in your life where you have become comfortable with your level of "success." Where have you settled? And, more importantly...what GOOD things in your life could be BETTER?!

Have you ever looked at your life and thought, “WOW, things are going pretty well! I’m happy; I have a great job, my family is awesome. Things have never been better!”

Doesn’t that feel great? Being in a content, happy place can be so awesome. But, it can also be a dangerous place to land! You can so easily get comfortable. It almost becomes too easy to settle.

You see, when you think everything is great – your business is right on track, you’re getting promoted in your job, you have a good relationship with your spouse and kids – you actually close-off any room for improvement. When you’re satisfied, you no longer aim for the next level. Things may be good… but what if they could be great?!

Now, please understand something. ALWAYS be grateful. ALWAYS celebrate anything that goes “right” and applaud your improvements!

Maybe you and your spouse argued constantly, you hated each other, and were on the verge of divorce. But now you have a good marriage. Celebrate it! Maybe you lost your job, but are now succeeding in a new job. YAY… be grateful!

But amid these celebrations, know new levels to climb await you. There will always be areas where you can improve and ways to make the good things in your life even better!

On our daily TV/radio show recently, I had a chance to sit down with one of our awesome, faithful friends/clients, Chris Stallings, for an interview. His story brought me to actual tears, as he talked about how he thought he had a good marriage, but didn’t realize how much better it could be:

“I thought I had a pretty good life. Things were crazy, but I thought that was normal. I tried to manage my time – and money – well, but the first time I went to First Steps To Success, I got a taste of what it SHOULD be like. It gave me hope, and ALSO gave me a practical way of getting there.”

Now the genuinely awesome thing about this – after Chris had this realization, he went home and took immediate “full-on” action. I asked why this realization hit him so hard, and he said, “I OWE it to my wife to be as real as I can, and to elevate the covenant of marriage above the two of us as individuals. I was not cultivating a healthy marriage. I was working on me, and I was doing okay, but because I didn’t elevate the marriage, I sacrificed what COULD have been. That grieved me.”

He went on to describe exactly how this looked on a day-to-day basis: putting his best into his business, instead of his family… working 60 hours a week… being too tired to invest time and energy into his family.

His reason was filled with such humility, it moved me to tears: “It was all because I THOUGHT we had a good marriage. I didn’t realize how much BETTER it could be.”

I’m telling you, you HAVE to hear the rest of his story! It will inspire you, give you hope, and you may even say, “Hey, I’ve been there, too. And if HE can do it, so can I!”

Today, I urge you to identify the places in your life where you have become comfortable with your level of “success.” Where have you settled? What good things in your life could be better?

I also want you to make a list of things you are grateful for today! As you begin to acknowledge and celebrate the good things in life, you will begin to see even more of those things, as you actually open yourself up to better things! So, make a list of at least 5 things right now! (Then SHARE your list with me in the comments below!)

My friend, NEVER settle and ALWAYS remain grateful! You will go further than you ever believed possible!

In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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