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As You THINK, You Will SEE!

What do you see in your life...your family...your job? Do you see dark clouds…or silver linings? You've got to TRAIN your mind to look for the good – you may have to look HARD, but it IS there...and you WILL find it!

What I get to share with you today, thrills me to no end! This one little thing can make a huge difference in every area of your life. So I think it’s extremely important for us to brush up on it right now – especially in these times.

Look around you. Look at your life – your family, your friends, your coworkers, your community. Look at your business, your career, your plans, your future. Look at the world around you. Really examine the people, places, things and ideas around you right now.

What do you see?

“Dani, what do mean, ‘What do I see?'”

If you’ve spent any time with me, either in person or on our TV/radio show, you’ve probably heard me talk about the two different populations in the world today.

You see, 98% of the population is dead, or dead broke, by the age of 65, dependent on their family, friends or the federal government for their main source of income. And only 2% will be financially secure and independent.

The difference? The way they think.

What goes on in your head actually determines your success in life. Your impact. Your happiness.

So, again, look around you. What do you see?

The 98%-ers see hard times. They see struggles. They see too much month left, at the end of their money. They see conflicts with their family and friends. They’re suffocating under the pressure of debt, seeing no way out. They’re stressed, burned out, overworked and underpaid. These 98%-ers are terrified of the current events happening in the world. They have no hope for the future. And they actually laugh at those with hope, calling them stupid or naïve.

A 98%-er says, “It’s not working! I can’t do it! I’m not smart enough. I married the wrong person. My kids are so ungrateful. My boss just doesn’t like me! Our country is doomed. I hate my job. Life’s not fair.”

On the other hand, 2%-ers see the good. They look for solutions. They find a way out. They have hope. They know – where there’s a will, there’s a way. They’re not afraid to try something new, make mistakes, fall down, get back up and try something else.

My friend, it’s NEVER circumstances that determine your success in life. The two different groups, I just described, could have the exact same history, same past, same educational background, same family, same circumstances, same everything… but I GUARANTEE their outcomes will be totally different!

Why? Simply because of the way they think.

A 98%-er finds excuses, while a 2%-er finds solutions. A 98%-er complains, while a 2%-er finds the good in every situation. So can you see why the 2%-er ultimately succeeds in life? It’s pretty clear.

Now, what do you see in your life? In your family? In your job? Do you see problems… or opportunities? Do you see dark clouds… or the silver lining?

You’ve got to train your mind to look for the good. And trust me, sometimes you have to look HARD! But it IS there… and you WILL find it!

What you focus on, you actually get more of. When you focus on problems and why things won’t work, your problems will multiply. But when you look for the good, seek solutions, open your eyes to opportunities and focus on what does work, you will find more of those things appearing in your life.

So today, begin to train your mind to focus on the good. I guarantee you will start seeing much more good in your life! In fact, take just a couple of minutes to list FIVE good things in your life right now. They could be big or little things. Just make a list! Do that every single day and I promise it will change the way you think. It will actually help you succeed in every area of your life!

In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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