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Dynamic Duplication


There’s No Way Your Competition Will Be Able to Keep Up with You When Everyone in Your Business Has Turned Into a Professional Duplicating Machine!

Let Superstar Business Coach, Dani Johnson, Show You the Step-By-Step Business Development Strategies Used to Earn 6 & 7 Figures… Right in the Comfort of Your Home!


Have you mastered the CORE SKILL SET needed to have ANY chance at all of succeeding in your home-based business?

If not, KEEP READING: This could mean the difference between unlimited success or crushing failure.

How many time have you heard this? “If you wan to be financially independent working from home, you just have to…”

  • Just use this product (or service)!
  • All you have to do is talk to people!
  • Attend this ‘ground-breaking’ meeting!
  • Get psyched!
  • Send people to your fabulous website!

Any of these things sound familiar? And maybe you believe that you can actually make six figures from home, without really making any substantial investments into your education.  It sounds easy enough. Others are doing it, right? Why can’t you?

Well that’s only HALF the story! You absolutely can make a six-figure income from your home-based business (many people do – if not more!)

Here’s a Simple Truth that May Shock You!

It is NOT at all PROBABLE that you will EVER make 6 figures from home unless… you are willing to pay the price of going through some hard knocks AND invest in your education and SKILLS to become a professional. That is the hard truth. Plain and simple!

The bottom line is this: there are 4 types of people: lucky, unlucky, amateurs, and professionals.

You have no control over your “luck” (really you don’t, although the harder you work, the luckier you will get). And, if you experience great success in your opportunity because of “luck,” chances are it is NOT going to last and you won’t hold on to that great success for long.

However, if you learn how to become a PROFESSIONAL…now, that’s something you have control over. Because once you pay your dues, make the investments that others have made on the road to becoming a professional, and acquired the skills needed to generate predictable results over and over, nobody can ever take that away from you! And if you fall on hard times and lose your success, you have the knowledge, the “know how,” and the skills to do it all over again!

So the question becomes, HOW are you going to learn the attitude and skillset that will separate you as a professional from the masses of amateurs? And WHO will teach you how to do this?

The answer is easy: someone who’s already “been there, done that” and has a track record of developing other 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs.

I mean, think about it…

If You Wanted to Become a Brain Surgeon, Who Would You Learn From… an Auto Mechanic?

HECK NO!! You would learn from someone who has not only done brain surgery themselves (thousands of times), but someone who also knows how to teach others how to DO (not just teach) successful brain surgery and has a PROVEN track record of doing so, right? Of course.

Well, what if you had the opportunity to plug in and learn from this person as your success coach anytime you wanted, 24/7?

If you have ever been to any of Dani Johnson’s live training events before, then you have experienced the amazing, life-changing results that this highly sought-after, industry-leading trainer provides. Dani has equipped, trained, and developed countless people from every walk of life to succeed with the character, attitude, and skills to truly become a professional – earning a professional-level income from home!

If you haven’t experienced one of Dani’s live events, then you may not know about the many benefits and multiple gold nuggets you’re missing out on and how they can immediately impact the results you are getting in your business. You can benefit from this training in your very own home – STARTING NOW!

Dynamic Duplication is Your ULTIMATE Training Program!

Who Is Dani Johnson and Why Should I Listen to Her?

Dani Johnson isn’t your ordinary millionaire entrepreneur. She personally went from living out of her car with $2.03 to her name and $35,000 in debt, to making her first million within 2 years at the age of 23. What’s more – she did this by using the very same techniques that she now teaches you in this incredible training program!

Dani has invested tens of thousands of dollars and years of personal experience into developing her skills as a professional. Everything that Dani teaches, she applies. Here’s the deal: you won’t find any “fluff theory” from Dani. She gives you the nuts and bolts training you’ve been searching for, packed with straight-to-the-gut, no excuse motivation to get out and apply it!

Dani Johnson is known throughout the business world as a successful coach and trainer who tells it like it is, who does not sugarcoat answers to tough questions. Her clients and students range from business newbies to successful corporate executives. She has been courted by some of the most successful leaders in the world to train, equip, and develop their sales teams for success because she knows what she is talking about and she has lived it personally. She has a track record of taking failing teams and associates and turning them around to achieve levels of success they’ve never ever experienced before.

Imagine What Having 6 Hours of Dani’s Training, Available 24/7, Could Do for You and Your Team!

This LIVE training was captured at a private corporate event that featured Dani as the keynote speaker. Watch as she literally provides 2 days worth of content, coaching, and role playing into just 6 hours! Careful attention has been given to the editing process to make sure no company name or product is mentioned – making this training applicable for ANY KIND OF BUSINESS. The results are an extremely POWERFUL and POTENT training program that has already demonstrated an ability to increase prospecting, closing, duplicating, and enhancing leadership skills! Many are using this training to augment and facilitate their team’s education and, as a result, they are experiencing Dynamic Duplication in their business!

Learn the 5 Core Skill Sets Needed to Take You and Your Business to 6 and 7 Figure Profits!

Watch as Dani demonstrates and coaches you in her simple, proven-effective, and replicable success system, revealing in detail the 5 CORE SKILL SETS you must LEARN and MASTER in order to succeed in your home business.

These are the very same 5 CORE SKILL SETS that Dani used to make herself, and many others she has trained, a personal fortune in the Network Marketing Industry. Mastering just 2 of the 5 skills revealed in this incredible training program can take you to a 6 figure business. Mastering all 5 of the Core Skill Sets that Dani teaches is how she and others she has coached have achieved 7 figures in their business!

If you want to experience your next level of growth, find the answers to your common questions, and develop success strategies from intense coaching that only Dani can deliver – and do it all from the comfort of your home – then this unique training program is going to deliver exactly what you are looking for.

The Marketplace Pays For Value… QUESTION: Do You Know What Determines Your Value in the Marketplace?

All things being equal, it is your SKILL that determines your value in the marketplace AND your skill is what determines your ability to earn a PRO level of income!

If you…

  • Are willing to become teachable
  • Are willing to dig deep within to discover your true desire
  • Are willing to set aside your ego
  • Are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals…

then you will be able to learn these skills and apply them in your personal and professional life. This will lay a solid foundation in your mind that will allow you to stay focused, build a dynamic sales force, and soar into meaningful success as the business professional you were meant to be!

Just Some of These Professional Skills Include:

  • How to turn your excuses into results, over and over again!
  • Learn how your income follows your personal growth!
  • Learn the 5 CORE skill Sets that will explode your business growth and create personal success!
  • Learn how to FORM your initial contact!
  • Learn the formula for momentum!
  • Learn strategic insights to creating duplicable results!

With Session #1, “Turning Excuses Into Results,” you’ll find…

  • How to “get over it” and get rich!
  • Specific insights from an industry expert’s own experience!
  • The best way to approach learning your business for maximum growth and profits in the shortest period of time!
  • How to take control of what happens to your future and start live the life you want now!
  • The 4 tips that will jump-start and accelerate your professional skill development!
  • Why a “no opinions, no excuses, no suggestions” mindset can make you unusually successful.
  • How to invest in yourself for your future!
  • The 98% “dead or dead-broke” mentality, what it is, and how to avoid it like the plague!
  • How to take your results from “amateur” to “professional” in less than one weekend!
  • Learn how to avoid the things that are stopping your own growth!
  • How to develop the skills to build your business, build your sales force, and build your personal character!

Learn how to grow your business in Session #2, “Income Follows Personal Growth”

You will learn:

  • How to broaden your influence on people!
  • What your value is to the marketplace!
  • How to create an eager want in your prospects!
  • How to maximize your personal skills!
  • How to speak the language of your prospects!
  • How to mirror the personality, tone, and desire of your prospect to attract them to you!
  • How to position yourself to learn!
  • How to make a friend in 4 short minutes – without selling anything!
  • It’s not about perfection, it’s about getting results!
  • How to work more on yourself than you do anyone else to be unusually successful!
  • That the price of success is not equated in hours but in how far you will work on yourself!
  • How you think determines the kind of success you will have!
  • How to help others get what they want and in doing so, you will gain what you want!

Learn how to become a professional in your business in Session #3, “Mastering the Core Skill Sets”!

This section lays the solid foundation to your business and shows you:

  • How to find your prospects’ needs, strengths and goals!
  • How to produce a successful business presentation!
  • How you should greet your prospects!
  • How to conduct a winning presentation, every time!
  • How to train your people while you close your prospects!
  • How to direct your people to the best training possible!
  • How to remain teachable while training others with your actions.
  • How to lead by example!
  • The core skills you must memorize, master, and model!
  • How to close like a true professional!
  • How to give a business presentation that sets you apart from your competition!
  • Proper conduct and etiquette of a business development professional!
  • Act like a millionaire before you even make your first check without being phony!

Even if this is all that you had access to, the value of this content would be well-worth what this program sells for!

Now you can have Dani available to inspire and equip you and your team to your maximum potential. Here’s what else you will learn from this breakthrough training program!

First impressions count! Session #4, “Forming Your Initial Contact”

You’ll learn how to create an impact as well as show your team how easy prospecting really can be:

  • Learn how to let your prospects close themselves!
  • Learn what’s most important to your prospects!
  • How to control the conversation and be genuine!
  • How to identify your prospects’ goals!
  • How to leave an incredible first impression while never selling a thing!
  • Learn what successful people do that separates them from the average person and
  • Do the opposite of what your competition is doing and beat them at their own game!
  • How to be yourself and have more people join you!
  • Learn to identify your prospects goals and lead them towards them!
  • Learn how to be genuinely interested in your prospects!
  • How to become a “people person,” even if you don’t like people!
  • Learn how to lead a conversation with your prospects needs, strengths, and goals!
  • AND MORE!!

Rev up your engine and get ready to grow, Session #5, “The Formula for Momentum”

Here, you’ll get the fuel you need to explode your business profits:

  • How to maximize your efforts and results!
  • Learn to accelerate your business growth!
  • How to grow exponentially while you prospect!
  • How to recover and explode through mistakes!
  • How to build a fire out of prospects who don’t have money, time, or desire and make a fortune in less than 24 hours!
  • How to stay on top of your game, make a lot of money, and not burn out!
  • Make more money in less time without stress!
  • Discover what’s holding your business growth back!
  • Learn how to really impress your people, by making business presentations look easy!
  • Learn how to manage your business and personal time!
  • How to accelerate your skills and increase your value to the marketplace!
  • Learn how to dynamically manage your sales force!

Lasting impressions! Session #6 teaches “Insights and Strategies”

You’ll be prepared for the road ahead!

  • How to build a strong rapport with your people!
  • How to position yourself and your people for success!
  • How to be yourself and stay motivated!
  • How to minimize problem solving!
  • Help people make more money without being codependent!
  • What will make you the most money each and every month and keep your excitement in overdrive!
  • How to create volume out of thin air!
  • Have people calling you about your opportunity!
  • Say “no” to begging and “yes” to leverage!
  • How to avoid the recipe for failure!
  • How to consistently get more (and valuable) information from your prospects!

With this incredible training program, you’ll learn how to develop your personal and business skills, create a duplicable system for you and your sales team, and build your business into a Dynamic Income Generating Machine!


You’ll Shock Yourself by The Results… This is Training You Can Watch Today and Start Earning Tomorrow!

For those of you who still aren’t sure if this is the training that you NEED, just remember this: in order to reach and exceed your goals for your business and to develop your skills as a business professional, you have to be willing to invest in yourself and your education. Just like the brain surgeon who spends years developing skills in a highly-specialized field of medicine that saves peoples lives, you cannot expect to reach the top levels of success in your company nor can you expect to develop your business to its highest potential of 6 and 7 figure profits without investing in your education as a professional. To expect otherwise, is just plain foolish.

Take a Close Look at Your Business and Your Life…

Are You:

  • Fulfilling your dreams and goals?
  • Earning the 6 or 7 figure income you’ve always dreamed of?
  • Financially free to do whatever you want when you want with who you want?
  • Debt Free?
  • Confident in who you are, what you are doing and where you are going?
  • Getting the sustained, consistent results you’ve been looking for?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, Then It’s Time to CRUSH the Excuses that are Stopping You From Dynamic Success and Truly Become FREE!

Could This Program Really Show You Exactly How To Achieve… Dynamic Duplication?

By now you may be wondering how much this first ever Dani Johnson DVD Training Program is going to cost you? I don’t blame you if you are. In the early days my business, I was once with absolutely no money and even put many of my educational and business expenses on credit cards just to learn some things that didn’t even work…

For LESS Than You Think!

We are literally placing in your hands 6 hours of high-quality training captured LIVE! It includes in-depth coaching on the 5 Core Skill Sets that you must learn and master to be unusually successful in your business. These are the exact same steps that Dani has personally used to pull in multiple 6 and 7 figure profits in their home businesses in a step-by-step easy to understand format that anyone can learn and duplicate in their own opportunity.

Considering the returns on your investment for a training program like this, a price of $1197 would not be unreasonable and it will also eliminate all the ‘tire kickers’ and identify the serious business builders. You’d easily spend more than that to attend this training live with Dani, if it were even available.

This training WILL directly impact your business immediately. You will immediately think differently and feel differently about yourself and your opportunity! You WILL break through your barriers and get over your fears and excuses!

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Register Risk Free!

Of course, this training is backed by our NO HASSLE 100% GUARANTEE! If you are not completely satisfied, you can return everything within 90 days for a full refund of your purchase price… no questions asked!

Your Order is 100% Safe, Secure, Risk Free and Fully Guaranteed!

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