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Grooming the Next Generation for Success


Over the last 7 years we’ve come across countless stories of family-transformation as a result of this ground-breaking home study program! Stories like Sam Bart, who went from being addicted to pot, arrested at age 13 for possession of drugs, suicidally depressed, to an honoring, respectful, straight-A student, who now owns his own business at 17! All of this because Sam’s mom Adeline applied the techniques in Grooming the Next Generation for Success.

Adeline and Sam’s story may be extreme — but it’s not uncommon. Pain and struggle are everywhere, no matter how good one may appear. As a parent, you’re intimately familiar with the future you want for you kids and the bitter struggle involved to get them from where they are to where they need to be. And more often than not, it can feel like aimless wondering. If only you could get your hands on a map for success…

Grooming the Next Generation for Success

Providing the blueprint for raising children, even in the toughest times and circumstances

You Will Discover the Solutions to Difficult Questions Such As…

  • How do I handle my screaming infant/toddler when I can’t even understand what it is that they want?
  • My 9 year old is an angel at school but is often rude to his father and me at home. How do we break this before he becomes an out of control teen?
  • I have trouble knowing whether my young teenager is telling the truth. How can I get them to want to “be real” with me?
  • Is there a way to help my soon to graduate daughter become more responsible with money?
  • Can I mend a relationship with my adult child?

Best selling author, internationally recognized business trainer, success coach, and mother of 5, grandmother of 7, Dani Johnson has put together a complete and comprehensive program to help you groom your children for success, providing the blueprint for raising super star kids, even in the toughest times!

If You:

  • Want to identify and develop your children’s natural, God given abilities to motivate them to operate at their maximum potential
  • Want to learn proven techniques that will protect your children from visible AND unforeseen outside influences
  • Are a teacher and want to learn how to bring out the best in your kids and make your job easier with a lasting impact?
  • Work from home and want to learn proven tips and techniques for balancing your family and your work
  • Need to learn how to prioritize your life to create quality time for your kids, your spouse, and even yourself
  • Want to learn how to develop consistency in your children’s actions, obedience and every day living patterns
  • Want to learn how to develop character in your kids that gives them inner strength to withstand the peer pressure and negative influences so they make the right decisions…. even when you are not around
  • Need to repair damaged relationships with children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and students

Then Keep Reading!

We all are doing our best to equip our children to succeed in life’s journey with the tools we’ve been given. Now there is finally a resource that shows you how to give your kids the best chance to get ahead in life…

All of us who have influence over today’s youth are faced with these realities…

  • In just the past 20 years the average workweek jumped from 41 hours to 48. Becky Sweat
  • By the 1990s parents were spending 40 percent less time with their children than their parents did in the 1960s and 1970s. Becky Sweat
  • The media and entertainment industry is exposing kids to sex, drugs, and violence at record levels.

Had enough? Here are some more startling statistics…

  • A Child will see over 40,000 murders on television by the time he or she turns 18.”
  • The average teen has had sexual relations by the age of 16.
  • The average American adolescent will view nearly 14,000 sexual references per year. Linda Klepacki, R.N., M.P.H.
  • Studies show that too much television viewing can have adverse affects, such as more violent and aggressive behavior, poor school performance, obesity, early sexual activity, and drug or alcohol use. Judith Graham, University of Maine

Despite our best efforts, the calm and stability that children crave is fractured by parents traveling, working late hours, and living with the constant demands of a crazy schedule.

Studies indicate that things will get much worse before they get better.

With all of this going on, it’s no wonder why parents are feeling overwhelmed with the challenge of raising their kids!

Here are some typical questions that parents want answers to…

  1. How do I handle my screaming infant/toddler when I can’t even understand what it is that they want?
  2. What can I do to stop my toddler from throwing and breaking things?
  3. How can I get my pre-schooler to go to sleep at the appropriate time?
  4. My four year old wants to negotiate everything. How do I get him to willfully obey?
  5. My 9 year old is an angel at school but is often rude to his father and me at home. How do we break this before he becomes an out of control teen?
  6. My daughter has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Some of our friends’ kids seem to be doing well with mood altering drugs but I’m not sure that’s the best option. Any suggestions?
  7. I have trouble knowing whether my young teenager is telling the truth. How can I get them to want to “be real” with me?
  8. How do I deal with my 14 year old son’s computer based obsession?
  9. Is there a way to help my soon to graduate daughter become more responsible with money?
  10. Can I mend a relationship with my adult child?

By plugging into the Grooming the Next Generation for Success Comprehensive program you get a chance to experience…

  • Over 4 hours of interactive video providing insights and coaching on equipping youth for success on 2 DVDs featuring Dani Johnson LIVE!
  • One Study Guide Workbook that breaks down each topic point by point so that you can follow along and properly implement these proven strategies and techniques
  • 5 audio CDs of Dani Johnson LIVE that allow the convenience of learning in the car, while doing tasks at home and even while taking a walk or working out
  • The confidence and peace that comes naturally when you know the investment into your children is forming a better future and life for them
  • Joy, fun and peace in your home like you’ve never imagined possible

You and your children will realize the benefits of this complete program from one of the most sought after success coaches in business and personal development today, without leaving the comfort of your own home!

Regular Price $129

Here’s just some of what you will learn in this ground breaking 7 Year Anniversary Limited Edition of Grooming the Next Generation for Success Comprehensive program with Dani Johnson…

#1 Dreams and Goals

  • Helping your kids establish specific goals and implement a plan to achieve them
  • Help your kids discover their natural strengths, who they are and who they need to become to accomplish what they are dreaming of
  • Prepare your kids for what is to come, preparing them for the future
  • Creating value in the small things so that your kids can be trusted with bigger things
  • Teaching your kids to live by design not by default

#2 Self Image

  • Teach your children how to talk about themselves so that they speak life and not self destruction
  • Conduct yourself in front of kids so that they see an example of a good self image
  • Prevent your kids from becoming “all caught up” in a certain style of clothes and the obsession that comes with it
  • Discover ways to help children accept and be comfortable with their own body type
  • Show your child how to embrace their own uniqueness
  • Groom your kids up to not take offense when others criticize and pass judgment on them
  • Teach your children how to not feel that other people are “out to get them”
  • Prepare your kids to deal with rejection in a way that doesn’t damage their self image

#3 Work Ethic

  • Why teaching your kids to work at a young age will create a spirit of excellence in everything they do
  • Teaching your kids how to create a successful future for themselves
  • Avoid the poverty mindset early on so that financial success will not be a stumbling block for your children
  • Why work first, play later is a great rule to live by
  • Learn how to create realistic guidelines that will help your kids grow up with confidence, knowing who they are and what they want to do with their lives
  • How to set your children up for a successful career

#4 People Skills

  • Learn what two foundational principles will change your kid’s outlook on life forever
  • Prevent disrespect from creeping into your home while teaching your kids to show you respect
  • Learn key words that create an atmosphere of respect and honor in your household
  • Teach your children to be free from the “fear of man” so they can be free to succeed
  • Teaching your kids how to “find the gold” in others so they can become successful leaders
  • Why treating others the way you want to be treated really is the golden rule
  • Work side by side with your children’s teachers or coaches to help them draw out your child’s natural strengths

#5 Discipline and Accountability

  • Instill a moral compass that will guide your kids through character development
  • Draw out your kids natural strengths so that their confidence is not found in outside sources
  • Keep your kids on track with their dreams and goals and keep them making decisions that will launch them into success
  • Why disciplining your kids at a young age will benefit them in the long run
  • Key elements to raising your children and protect them from making foolish decisions
  • Why disciplining the action and not the child will change the way your child responds to correction
  • Learn new techniques that will teach your kids how to respond to you the first time
  • Identify many different areas, you may not even realize, that require discipline and why this will re-shape your kids for their good

#6 Prevention

  • Learn the keys to advanced preparation and how they make a difference in your child’s behavior
  • Prepare young children for going into public places on their best behavior
  • Discover ways to get kids to honor and respect other people’s houses and property
  • Set your kids up for success and good behavior at school
  • Learn the secrets to getting a “yes mom” instead of a “no” or “I don’t want to”
  • Have your kids mentally prepared for sports and other group activities

IMAGINE for a moment – What kind of impact you could have on the world by creating a spirit of excellence and desire for success in just one of the kids that live around you.

This brings to mind a pretty overwhelming picture, doesn’t it? Check out a few other areas that Dani gives specific training in…

#7 Money

  • Teaching your kids responsibility at an early age so that with rising responsibility they will know how to handle their finances with greater stability
  • What being free from a poverty mindset will do for you and your children’s financial future
  • Create a value and respect for money
  • Equip your children to remain debt free no matter what your financial circumstances may be!
  • Teach your children to be good stewards of the money they have
  • Develop habits in your children now that will give them a financial head start and secure their financial future

#8 Nutrition

  • Prepare your kid’s bodies for a healthy future. With 30% of children in America overweight, and 79% carrying over into adult obesity, nutrition is an increasingly important issue for the future of our children
  • Making wise choices with the kind of food you choose to provide for your kids
  • Using supplements to make up for the lack of nutrition that is contained in the food today
  • Learn how a healthy diet will change your children’s performance academically, physically, and mentally making success more easily attainable!

#9 Spiritual Equipping

  • Have an exciting, abundant lifestyle with solid morals and strong convictions
  • Expose your kids to a lifestyle of humility so they can be successful in life
  • Learn different methods the media uses to program kids to think and act the way they want them to and how to prevent this programming from taking place
  • Find out the many different influences that could be shaping you and your children’s future without you even knowing it
  • Groom your children in their God given giftings and watch them operate at their full potential
  • Develop character in your children that will sustain them trough life’s trials


  1. You feel like you’re failed your kids and you’re trying to find way to give them a better life,
  2. You see the BIG picture of this program,
  3. And you are sick and tired of things staying the same year after year
  4. Or your relationships with your kids going round and round in circles

– then don’t wait another minute

By ordering now you are ensuring a better future for your kids, no matter how old or young they may be..

You owe it to your children’s future to take advantage of this BIG DISCOUNT ONLY AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME

Regular Price $129

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