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Instant Customer Goldmine


A Bullet-proof, Cash-on-demand, Retail Success System So Simple, Anyone Can Use It To Generate Increased Residual Customer Profits In Any Market!

Have you just started a new business, job or career recently? Do you have product on hand, or a website, but no customers yet? How do you generate exposure and interest about your product and get lots of orders and sales quickly? What makes people buy from you? What is the best way to market a new product or service successfully in today’s tough economy?

More importantly, how do you differentiate yourself from all the others in your market selling the same or similar product or service? In short, how do you find and attract excited new buying customers and why should your customers buy from you or refer you to others they know instead of someone else?

These are critical questions that must be answered in today’s ever changing market place and this is exactly what you’ll learn and much more in Instant Customer Goldmine!

This very simple, yet wildly effective system has been proven time and time again to quickly take people from nothing… no profits, no business, no advertising, no traffic, no sales, no income… to 10’s of thousands, 100’s of thousands, even millions in profits!

Some of Our Clients That We’ve Taught This System To Have Gone On To Become Multi-Millionaires!

Others have used it to simply get out of debt, buy a new home, or generate extra cash to supplement their retirement.

What About You?

The choice is yours. Once you have the knowledge revealed in Instant Customer Goldmine™, you’ll have the specialized knowledge to take any product or service you want, explode your sales and residual income from happy, loyal buying customers who seek you out and passionately refer your product or service to others they know.


Get More Customers, Sell More Product & Maximize Residual Income

The proven MILLION DOLLAR customer growth strategies contained in this exclusive Dani Johnson Instant Customer Goldmine™ program will work for you too if you;

  • Are in a home-based business, mlm or network marketing opportunity!
  • Sell products through home party plans, displays, booths or other trade shows!
  • Sell products or services online, marketing on the internet!
  • Have a retail or traditional brick-n-mortor style store front!
  • Work in retail sales, direct sales, corporate sales or account management!
  • ANY type of job or career where you interact with customers or clients either by phone, email or in person on a daily basis!
  • Any kind of service industry where you are required to meet requests or specifications by a customer or client!
  • Basically, any job, career or business where the success of your business or job depends on the satisfaction, enthusiasm and AMOUNT of quality buying customers you have on a daily, weekly and monthly basis! (Guess what – that’s YOU!!! No matter who you are, whether you realize it or not, the level of success you and your company have are directly related to how many quality buyers (customers) you can get and keep!)

The Instant Customer Goldmine system works in both good economies and bad. In fact, the worse the economy is, the more critical it is that you know the techniques taught in Instant Customer Goldmine!

Instant Customer Goldmine Is A SIMPLE Yet Effective System, That Will Have Customers WANTING Your Product or Service, NO MATTER WHAT It Is!

Let’s face it, in these tough economic times, people are having to give up so much just to survive due to lack of cash flow. Are you going to be one of these people or do you want the security of knowing that you can make good money any time you need it?

There is no faster way to earn money than by gaining new customers or clients that repeatedly use your products or services. Unfortunately, most people get so excited about their products that they try to SELL potential customers on all of the great benefits. Many times the end result is that people run away or ignore you because they don’t want to be sold anything.

The secret to expanding your client base is knowing how to get customers coming to you month after month, asking if they can use your product or service. While others enthusiastically chase potential clients away by selling features and benefits, Dani will teach you how to have people calling you to find out how they can be considered to be your next great testimonial!

In this jam packed 4 hour audio program, International Business Coach and Relationship Marketing Expert, Dani Johnson will give you simple techniques that will uncover hidden vaults of profits that others don’t see!! The techniques revealed in the 4 hours of audio content have created so many results for our clients that Dani wanted to make them available to you. If you want the step-by-step tools and system to generate customers and INSTANT CASH on demand, then this is the training for you.

What If You Were Able To…

  • Position yourself and your product (or service) in a way that completely separates you from the masses and from the competition, leaving your prospects and customers no other option but to do business with you!
  • Discover marketing and advertising techniques that cost you next to nothing and always bring you NEW CUSTOMERS!
  • Have an endless stream of people APPROACH YOU about your product or service.
  • Learn the secret to building long term LOYALTY with your customers.
  • Discover how to leverage continual retail sales as a CONSISTENT INCOME STREAM in your business.
  • Get others to expose your products, websites and brochures for you willingly and enthusiastically.
  • Discover the one simple response that will handle ANY objection – using this will cause your sales and profits to soar!
  • How to get your customers to do all the work for you.
  • Uncover the real secret that moves people to buy your product immediately.
  • Become a Professional and not an Amateur at promoting your product or service.
  • Learn a guaranteed close that created a multi-billion dollar business.
  • Uncover a simple tool that creates curiosity about your product without saying a word.
  • Learn a technique that will compel customers to buy from you instead of your competition.
  • Know how to confidently ask for referrals and get them every time

Let An Expert Show You The Secrets of Developing A Long-Term Residual Sales Pipeline!

Dani Johnson is about to give you the very same customer attraction and growth secrets she has personally used to develop millions in profits for herself and her clients! For the first time ever, Dani is sharing the exact strategies and techniques she used to launch a career that has impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide.

Over the years, Dani has helped everyday average people, with or without sales or marketing experience, develop closing and conversion ratios as high as 90%!

Through Instant Customer Goldmine, Dani will show you exactly how to Put INSTANT CASH In Your Pocket WHENEVER YOU NEED IT!

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Here is your chance to learn directly from someone who went from living out of her car with $2.03 to her name to earning her first million in 2 years, who is now one of the most sought after success and marketing coaches in the world.

Learn Secrets To Fast, Explosive Profits That Come From A Hungry Loyal Customer Base

Check Out What You Will Learn From These 4 Jam Packed Audio Sessions

  1. Discover techniques to expose your product 24/7 to get new clients contacting you DAILY.
    • Dani reveals her secrets on how she used a $2 advertising campaign to make $1000’s in retail profits, working PART TIME. This simple marketing strategy will have people APPROACHING YOU about your product or service! Discover simple conversation starters that always result in a sale.
  2. Gain access to a sales script that helped ordinary average people with no sales or marketing experience hit up to 90% closing ratios almost overnight.
    • No matter how much or little experience you have, this script will deliver results and line your pockets with cash instantly and it can easily be modified to sell your specific product or service.
  3. How to Answer ANY Question or Objection.
    • Selling your product is not rocket science. Learn the Strategy and Phrase that Dani used to successfully answer EVERY question and objection!
  4. Learn the 3 Simple Steps that lead your customers to place orders with you time and time again.
    • Watch your residual income increase as your customer base grows each month without fail!
  5. Creating an arsenal of satisfied customers and stories that will turn into Profits.
    • Watch the customers do the selling for you. Discover how to mobilize an army of loyal customers who refer to you a continuous stream of new customers assuring that your check grows every day!
  6. Learn the Most Profitable Presentation Strategies.
    • Dani will show you how to utilize the 3 Step Process to duplicate highly effective and profitable presentations within just a few days. Watch as you replicate the sales process whether it’s a retail store, online marketing or home business, creating even more residual income!
  7. Creating Loyal Customers.
    • You will discover the keys to keeping a customer for life. Proven techniques that create value and relationship between you and your customer and how to always have them give you an endless list of referrals.
  8. Turn Your Clients Into Your Best Business Partners.
    • Learn simple strategies that motivate your clients to become your best, most productive business partners.

Instant Customer Goldmine Is Loaded With In Depth, Idiot Proof Specific Information Showing You Exactly How You Can…

  • Get people wanting to purchase what you have to offer without you having to SELL or CONVINCE them.
  • Use simple but very effective business tools that lead potential customers to easily make a decision to buy from you.
  • Never have to work hard for a sale again by getting one of the laws of success to work in your favor every time.
  • Learn a list of proven methods to expose your product so that the stream of new prospects and customers never dries up.
  • Network with other professionals who will constantly refer you as the best person to buy from in your industry.
  • Discover the pitfalls of building a large clientele and how to avoid making mistakes that will cause people to do business with your competitors – this information alone could save you thousands!
  • How to be unique and stand out at trade shows (or any presentation) so that attendees always choose to do business with you first.
  • Understand the only three things a potential customer cares about and how to always satisfy all three and get the sale.
  • Identify the 3 different markets and how to successfully expose what you offer to each of them.
  • Read simple scripts that give you the exact words to say to achieve a 90% closing ratio.
  • Establish immediate trust and integrity with total strangers so that they will instantly want what you have.
  • Know exactly what motivates people to buy from you so that you don’t waist your time rambling about things they don’t care about.
  • Master a simple phrase that closes even the toughest prospects with ease.
  • Conduct a 3 step presentation that gets people’s attention and causes them to take action.
  • Build instant credibility to your company’s representatives, products and services so that they feel completely comfortable doing business with you.
  • Get people to show up to your presentations and even bring others with them.
  • Upgrade your loyal clients to become your best business partners

You have a chance to receive 4 hours of coaching from one of the world’s most sought after success coaches, at home, at work, in the car or anywhere you go! Once you have this audio program you can put it into your computer, iPod or mp3 player. Your ability to learn on the go will make it ultra simple for you to generate those retail profits immediately! (But I’ll warn you, if you’re the type of person who is lazy, and looking for something for nothing or not willing to do the tough work it takes to become ultra successful, then this program is probably not for you.)

Imagine A Perpetually Growing Database Of Satisfied Clients Who Continue To Willingly Bring You An Endless Stream Of New Referrals, Providing Ongoing Residual Profits!


Use this exclusive audio training program from Dani Johnson to plug your existing team (as well as new prospects, recruits, and employees) into so they get totally fired up and equipped for production in their business! This will have a HUGE impact on your business growth and income. Putting people in front of Dani for training, equipping and motivation is probably the most profitable and best kept secret in the industry! Just ask other TOP Dogs who are working less, and making more than ever before by outsourcing their training and development to

IF… you see the BIG picture potential of this training, and if you are sick and tired of things staying the same year after year, OR… you are already a proven leader in your company AND you want to see double, triple or quadruple growth, AND you’re looking for an opportunity to get your team motivated and equipped for massive success – then don’t wait another minute.

How To Maximize This Training Program… By Following These 2 Very Simple Steps Right Now, We Will Make Instant Customer Goldmine


  1. First, get your own personal copy of Instant Customer Goldmine immediately. Once you submit your order, the 4 audios and the 3 bonuses will be available for immediate download so you don’t have to wait. The value of this information is worth thousands. Dani’s personal 1 on 1 coaching time is now upwards of $500 per hour and it is worth every penny. The results her clients experience are so dramatic that her schedule is booked months in advance. But the small investment for this program is just $97!
  2. Second, forward this webpage or the email you received about Instant Customer Goldmine to EVERYONE you know who wants to increase their skill and ratios in the area of expanding their customer base. If you have a team of 2, 5, 10, 20 people, or 100’s or 1000’s of people – do not, I repeat, DO NOT wait to let them know about this program! Let them know right away that they can access 4+ hours of Dani Johnson training for just $97 and that they’ll learn the key things that are stopping their businesses from moving forward and hitting their goals. As you read this, others are already raking in INSTANT CASH so ACT NOW! Email everyone you know, so you’ve done your part. Then, start making calls. That’s right. If you want your business associates to benefit from this information like you, then get on the phone, don’t rely on email. Get on the phone and tell them about it ASAP! Promote it in your weekly calls, on your website, every time you talk to new prospects, anyone who wants to learn how to retail their product or service with confidence! This training absolutely will do it for them, we guarantee it!

Create An Incredible Customer Experience That Turns Satisfied Customers Into Lifelong Client Evangelists!

Do It Now – Don’t Wait. Take Action. Be A Leader, Get Off The Fence – You’ll Be Glad You Did!

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