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Dani Johnson’s Prospecting and Closing Script Book


How Can Dani Johnson’s Prospecting And Closing Script Book Help You Build A Top-earning Home Business?

Easy-to-follow Scripts

Dani’s scripts are easy to learn and sound totally natural, whether you’re dealing with warm or cold markets.

Audio Walkthrough

Crack the mystery of the 90/10 when you hear Dani reveal the biggest thing you’re NOT doing and why it’s turning prospects OFF.

Cold-Caller Survival Skills

3 must-have tools that will keep your skills sharp and your closing ratios up!

There are over 2,200 success testimonials just like this one linked to this page!

Now YOU Can Learn the Prospecting and Closing Skills of a Master Networker… in Record Time!

Would you like to:

  • Become a confident and FEARLESS recruiter?
  • Get prospects eating out of your hands and begging to join your opportunity?
  • DOUBLE your prospecting and closing ratios within 7 days?
  • Master the foundational business building skills of a 6 figure + earner – GUARANTEED!

What if you could gain access to the personal scripts used by a master recruiter and closer to build a multi-million dollar business? And what if you also received professional training from the very same person who developed these POWERFUL scripts too?

Imagine how that would impact your business. Imagine how much your profits would increase and how much faster your business would grow and duplicate! What would this be worth to you? Some have waited years for a tool like this, now you don’t have to any longer!

Dani Johnson’s Prospecting and Closing Script Book

The industry’s #1 selling success tool has just been updated with new content, new scripts and a fresh new look!

Would you like to…

  • Learn how to take TOTAL control of ANY conversation?
  • Be prepared and know WHAT to say and HOW to say it when talking to new prospects?
  • SKILLFULLY handle any question or objection with ease?
  • Create HUGE desire in your prospects and make them CLOSE themselves?
  • Have your prospects “fall in love” with you and thank you for sponsoring them?
  • Have a turn-key system for duplicating these exact same MISSION CRITICAL skills in your entire sales force?

If you answered YES to 1 or more of those questions, then read on!

Over the years, Dani has taken everyday average people with or without sales experience and helped them develop closing ratios as high as 90%!

There are 2 key tools she has used to do this. One is through her scripts. The second is through her personal mentoring and coaching and her training seminars. In this new product release, you get her exclusive scripts AND the specialized training to go right along with it.

You’ll Get Dani’s Most Sought After Business Building Scripts Including:

  • 21 different scripts total you can start using right now to increase your PROFITS and decrease your learning curve in your home business!
  • Plus, how to develop your posture (attitude, body language and tonality) so the prospect is eating out of your hand and wants to work with you!
  • 10 keys to success that will impact your business and income right now!
  • Dani’s EXCLUSIVE prospecting script for cold market leads that puts you in the driver’s seat and gets amazing results!
  • A script to use when leaving a voice mail message that gets the serious prospects to call you back FAST so you’re not wasting your valuable time!
  • Dani’s exact follow up and closing script that the industry is RAVING about!
  • Tips on how to handle objections and questions tough prospects throw at you and how to regain control of the conversation!
  • How to deal with a negative prospect so they don’t waste your time and how to “take it away”!
  • An alternate closing script you can use to get the order from the prospect on the very first call and start them off right – use this script to instantly DOUBLE your advertising ROI (return on investment)!
  • A referral script you can use to turn every prospect who says “no” into more leads!
  • Another referral script you can use to multiply your personal customer base by 100’s!
  • A simple formula for building a rapport and trust… FAST!
  • How to find your most PROFITABLE prospects right in your very own back yard!
  • Insider tips for prospecting your warm market!
  • 8 different approaches and scripts for REJECTION FREE prospecting of your warm market!
  • A script for recruiting someone you meet face to face!
  • A sample retail phone script you can use to retail tons of product! This is the very same script Dani used to go from living out of her car with $2.03 to her name to $250,000 her first year!
  • Business building tips and much, much more!!

But wait!… We just updated and revised our Prospecting & Closing Script Book, and added even MORE Scripts, Tools & Resources!


  • a web presentation
  • a live conference call
  • a recorded call
  • a live group meeting or 1 on 1 presentation
  • or even a fax or FOD presentation system!

Now no matter how you present your opportunity, you’re shown exactly what to do and say!

  • 2 versions of the Voice Mail Callback Script!
  • A Closing Script to use in a group presentation with 3 or more guests!
  • Additional Warm Market Scripts!
  • A brand new Face to Face Conversation Call Back Script!
  • Appendix A – our brand new “Developing Your List of Resources” worksheet with our Memory Jogger with 206 name triggers!
  • Appendix B – our brand new “Company Track Record” outline, with example included!
  • Appendix C – “Lead Contact Sheet” to be used with lead calls!
  • Our new, easy to use “Script Tips” format and much more!

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