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Spirit Driven Success: Series II


Tap Into Powerful Biblical Secrets To Gain The Life You Are Meant To Have!

Using the same techniques that have brought her success, in this new Spirit Driven Success Series, Dani explores the deeper biblical principles every believer craves for a heightened relationship with God. Inside, you’ll learn how to open the doors to God’s vision for your life and unlock your true destiny. Along this spiritual path, you will gain an understanding of how to bypass obstacles, overcome the past, gain grace under fire… and much more.

  • Destroy the barriers that prevent you from staking a claim to your “Promised Land”
  • Transform the pain of your past mistakes into a victorious future
  • Receive God’s keys to peace and victory…even in the most unrelenting seasons of your life

This product has been strategically planned out disc-by-disc to continue the transformational journey you started with Spirit Driven Success.

Below is a snippet of what you will get with each message…

CD# 1: What’s Keeping You From Your Promised Land?

Sometimes your “Promised Land” can be found just beyond that next hill… allow God to help you claim it!

CD# 2: A Believer’s Purpose: The Truth With No Lies!

If you’re ready to cut through the clutter and live a life full of purpose – tap into God’s truths to become the believer you were meant to be.

CD# 3: Design Your Own Environment!

“Birds of a feather, flock together” and you can tap into a heavenly power to gather the community that leads you to success… learn how!

CD# 4: Is There Purpose In Your Screw-Ups?

What may seem like a monumental mistake, can actually be God leading you onto His chosen path for your life. He makes all things new!

CD# 5: How To Navigate Life’s Rough Spots

When your life is on the rocks, God can steer you to a safe harbor – if you let Him take over the helm!

CD# 6: Play The Grace Card

It can be difficult to display “grace under fire,” but through the grace of God you can learn to always rise to the challenge.

CD# 7: Receive Your Inheritance

Picture a long-lost family, with untold wealth, all waiting for you… it’s not a too-good-to-be-true fantasy, it’s all there for you to accept today.

CD# 8: His Peace Is Your Promise

If you’re looking for guarantees in life, look no further than God’s biblical promises for peace, prosperity and blessings.

CD# 9: If A Whore’s Son Can Be Worthy… So Can You

Your circumstances do NOT determine the outcome of your life… let the power of forgiveness give wings to your dreams

CD# 10: The Secret To Walking In Your Destiny

Imagine a beautiful gift, just waiting to be unwrapped – today, God has a multitude of gifts for you, just waiting to be revealed.

This is just some of what you will find inside Dani’s new Spirit Driven Success II Audio Series.

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