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Spirit Driven Success


Over 60,000 Copies Sold In The First 4 Months!

Spirit Driven Success: Learn Time Tested Biblical Secrets To Create Wealth While Serving Others!

In This NEW Book by Dani Johnson, You Will Discover…

  • The 10 Step Wealth Formula™ to create prosperity in your life
  • Keys to eliminate FEAR in your business, in your relationships and in your finance
  • How to experience the joy of being free from stress and self-sabotage
  • The Liberty and True Freedom of living A Debt Free Life!
  • Strategies that deliver the perfect balance between career and family

Popular Speaker, Business Trainer, Success Coach and Self-Made Millionaire, Releases “SPIRIT DRIVEN SUCCESS” Book

What do the greatest achievers throughout history have in common? Why do things go so right for them when so many others constantly struggle? Are these folks smarter, more talented, chosen, born to succeed…?

NO WAY! They are everyday average people who discovered the spiritual keys to success in wealth, relationships, faith, fear, and more.

Are you ready to put these Time Tested Biblical Secrets to work for you?

Never before have these success secrets been available in such a straight forward ground breaking book. Without these principles in play, your road to success will be bumpy and full of uncertainty. This book is a must if you are serious about consistent and long-lasting success.

Is Dani Johnson’s Spirit Driven Success book for you? Answer these questions to find out:

  • Do you struggle with beliefs about making money or do you sometimes think it’s wrong to make money?
  • Do you struggle with FEAR in your business… in your relationships… in your finances?
  • Do you want to overcome “poverty” and create lasting WEALTH and PROSPERITY that will last for generations?
  • Do you want to “root” your success on a spiritual foundation?
  • Do you have balance in your life? Are you able to manage your time, finding a balance between business and family?
  • Are you able to attract quality people into your life who provide wisdom, guidance, encouragement and support?

Do You Want To…

  • Learn EXACTLY what causes you to prosper and become wealthy?
  • Learn how to increase the success you are already having?
  • Learn what leads to poverty and how to stay clear of it?
  • Learn how to prevent the pitfalls of success and eliminate the risk of losing what you’ve worked so hard for?


Learn Time Tested Biblical Secrets To Create Wealth While Serving Others!

Inside This Revealing Book You Will Learn:

  • Spiritual Laws that can exponentially multiply your prosperity
  • The 7 habits that lead to poverty and financial struggle and learn how to avoid them
  • The 10 Step Wealth Formula™ to create prosperity and success in your life!
  • Discover how to turn risk into increase receiving maximum returns from time and money invested
  • 15 Biblical Gifts that you possess for every area in your life and how you can benefit from them daily!
  • Recognize when you are being tested for a promotion so that you can make all the right moves at the right time
  • 7 different ways to bring unity in your group so that they work more effectively and produce more results
  • How to become more valuable to your company so that they pay you more and let you work less time
  • 3 weapons that are used against you everyday and learn how to neutralize them
  • How to increase the success you are already experiencing
  • Proven ways to turn risk into increase
  • The 3 action oriented words that propel you to prosperity
  • How to be trusted with a little so you are given even more
  • What causes stress and how you can avoid it
  • How to experience the joy of being free from self-sabotage
  • What a leader is and how you can become one
  • How to immunize yourself from the conformity disease so that you don’t get sucked into mediocrity
  • How to not let circumstances determine your fate
  • How to know when your Faith is being tested and how to pass the test
  • Exactly what causes Fear and how to overcome it in all areas of your life
  • What to do if you are unsure about your future Ways to increase influence
  • And so much more!!

Now regardless of your beliefs or whether or not you are a Christian is not relevant here. What is relevant is if you are one of the many who struggle with fear and poverty and want more prosperity, wealth and faith in your life and in your business, and if you are deadly serious about “grounding” your success on a lasting spiritual level, then you MUST have this Book!

All of us desire to have a greater success in our lives whether it be in business, relationships, career, finances, family, school… you name it.

With the Spirit Driven Success Book in your arsenal of success tools you now have the ability to tap into the time tested spiritual keys that have guided the most successful people in history.

So take advantage of this exclusive offer. You get Dani Johnson’s “Spirit Driven Success” Book for only $14.95!!

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