January 16, 2013

Make Your Mistakes Work For You

I’ve got a quick message for you today. One thing you can do that can really improve your performance at work is to recognize that if you make a mistake […]


I’ve got a quick message for you today. One thing you can do that can really improve your performance at work is to recognize that if you make a mistake – and we all make mistakes – it’s really important that you do not defend yourself.

I want you to look at yourself right now and ask this question: "What is my response when I get caught making a mistake?" Notice when I said, "when I get caught." That may spur on a defensive attitude inside of you. Maybe you feel like you did get caught. Maybe you don’t necessary feel that way, but you may respond that way.

What is your response when it becomes known that you made a simple mistake? When you overlooked a little detail, and someone points it out?

There are lots of different responses to this situation, but the main one I want to focus on today that is going to help you dominate in the workplace today is this: Don’t defend yourself! Don’t apologize defensively. Say, "Thank you, I’ll get right on it!"

What I’ve seen a lot of people do (including myself in the past) is, "Well, the reason I did that is…" or, "Well, I did that because…" That drives the people around you crazy! If they didn’t ask why you did that, you certainly shouldn’t be offering that information. You should simply say, "Thank you for pointing that out. I’ll take care of it," and move on! Do not give excuses and defend yourself!

I don’t know if you heard this one particular training I did last year called Everyone Needs An Editor, but I’m telling you, it completely changed my life! It took so much pressure off of me.My friend, this is exactly what needs to be in your head for 2013. I would highly recommend you go listen to this training call right now. It’s normally locked up for our Insider Members only, but I’ve made it available for you for free today.

The bottom line is, we all make mistakes. But you cannot be one who gets defensive and makes excuses and explains why you made the decision you made!

I want to tell you a quick story. When I wrote my latest book, First Steps to Wealth, it was edited 15 times. And every time it came back from the editor, we still found more mistakes! Even when we sent the book to be printed, there were still more edits that needed to be done! Now, when a book goes through 15 edits, does that mean it wasn’t written well or that the editor didn’t do a good job? NO! It was edited by the editor of a world famous publication that you probably read. We did our best, and the editors did their best. It wasn’t edited 15 times because of negligence. It was edited 15 times because everyone needs an editor!

When you defend yourself and give excuses for why you did what you did, it doesn’t make you look good. It makes you look childish. It absolutely does NOT make people trust you or have confidence in you.

However, if you recognize the fact that everyone needs an editor, and you receive correction, knowing that it will make you better, that is going to change your reputation at work and at home! This brings harmony and positions you as a humble, teachable person who is continuously working on yourself.

Remember the message I sent you last Wednesday? I talked about creating a checklist that you will go over every day before work to make sure you are setting yourself up for success. This is another point on that checklist! Do not defend yourself when you are corrected.

I’m really excited to hear what happens for you next. I know this one thing has the potential to change your work and home life, because that’s what it’s done for me. So keep me updated – I can’t wait to hear how this impacts you today. Please leave me your comments below! And go ahead and pass this message along to anyone you know who could benefit from it.

And until next time, God bless!


In great faith,


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