October 8, 2013

Use The Holidays To Jumpstart Your Business

Are you an entrepreneur? Or maybe you want to be one but just haven’t found the right time to get started? You’d be surprised how often I hear people who […]


Are you an entrepreneur? Or maybe you want to be one but just haven’t found the right time to get started?

You’d be surprised how often I hear people who have the idea to start a business and the passion to accomplish it, but they let the busy-ness of life stop them! Most probably, you are already working full time, taking care of a family and your home and you just aren’t sure where to fit in those extra hours to work on building your own business.

And, as we enter the holiday season this month, beginning with Halloween parties that lead all the way through to the New Year, 98% of the population will use this as an excuse to slack off or neglect their own business. With all the parties, vacation time, cooking and distractions it might seem impossible to focus on your goals.

But let me tell you, this is the BEST time of the year to begin or invest in your business. Even is hard economic times, people are more willing to spend their money during the holiday season. Be one of the 2% who sees — and takes advantage of — this opportunity!

When I started my business out of the trunk of my car it was the day after Christmas! While some people might have delayed, the timing couldn’t have been better for me. Everyone was looking to slim down after indulging in holiday meals and treats. If I had made an excuse to not start that business until after the New Year, I would’ve been competing with every other weight loss company and coach out there hopping on the New Year’s resolution bandwagon.

This holiday season I want you to prepare for total success to finish out the year. Use these last couple of months as a strategy to position yourself to generate high income, eliminate more debt and pursue your dreams.

One major way to use this time of year as a “strategy” for launching your home business is to utilize holiday parties. It’s likely you already have invites for Halloween parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas parties, family get-togethers and more. Each of those parties is a chance for YOU to expand your network and market your product.

Maybe you don’t have a product yet, which is even better! Go to those parties with the intent of discovering what other people have a need for. Can you imagine what would happen if you could fill a specific need a large portion of your circle of influence has been looking for and talking about at parties for years?

Not only are you accomplishing your business goals but you are helping friends and family achieve their personal ones. Talk about your “win-win” situation!

Start planning your strategy NOW. If you just started a business or are looking to, do not sleep through this holiday season. Make business cards, attend those parties and when you get home write down what people said! TAKE NOTES so you remember individual needs.

This is your opportunity! Leave me your comments on Facebook and Twitter. And, remember to share it, our nation truly needs more entrepreneurs and success-driven people out there!

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In great faith,


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