Have you ever worked out on a treadmill…or even seen someone doing it? Usually they’ve got some sort of distraction, like headphones for their music or some places even have TVs for folks to watch while trudging away. And, that’s exactly what they’re doing – trudging, not really going anywhere! But, if you’ve seen someone marking time on the treadmill (maybe even in a movie or on TV), what happens when they just stand still? Off they go! The same holds true in your career – you can trudge along and get nowhere; you can fail to do anything and find yourself completely out of a job; OR you can step off the treadmill and begin to DO SOMETHING to start getting where you want to be!

Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani discusses how to stop just marking time in your job and instead become truly indispensable!

Dani revisits this important message from June 30, 2014…take advantage of your opportunity to enjoy this show again.

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