Good morning! Today I was wondering about your vision for this year. Not just what goals you set or what you hope will happen, but what is the bigger picture?

One of the most important laws of success is the Law of Vision. For a man without vision will perish. Think of your goals as dots, and your vision is what happens when you connect all the dots to make a complete image.

Your vision for your life is bigger than just one goal or one act. And it requires a total change in your mindset. Everything you do is processed through a filter in your brain. Is what I’m about to do bringing me closer to my dreams? Or is this moving me further from the life I want?

Most of the world is just hoping to lose a few pounds this year – which is a great goal. But what about having a goal for your business? For your career? What is one thing you can start doing NOW that would have a huge impact on your business or career?

I am so excited to see this year become YOUR year. Instead of just hitting one dot on your lifeline, start mapping the whole picture. Think about where you want to be in every area of your life.

Tip: This year, if you want to succeed, you need to develop your vision. Instead of just making a few resolutions you will likely forget about later, start thinking about the “big picture” of what you want your life to look like. Ask yourself those questions from earlier, “what can I do to move toward that big picture?”… “Is this helping or hurting that vision?”

Behavior always follows BELIEF! So you can’t change the behavior WITHOUT changing the belief.

I was a broke, homeless cocktail waitress who became a millionaire in 2 years. I never imagined life could be like this. So you can wake up tomorrow, hoping that change or good fortune will slap you upside the head. Or you can wake up tomorrow and actually do something to move toward your goals, your vision for your life.

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In great faith,

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