Happy Tuesday! If you’ve been looking for greater success in your business, or a promotion in your career, today’s message is just the ticket for you! Because a lot of times, when there are issues in your personal life, it can actually has a huge negative impact on your professional life.

Last week on our show, I spoke with an amazing man: Lake McGuire. I first met Lake five years ago at one of our live events and began coaching him shortly after. From the outside, Lake appeared to have it all. He was married, had his own business. In reality, his life was a wreck! His wife was asking for a divorce, he was heavily in debt and his business was totally stagnant. In fact, his exact description was, “I had 30 years under my belt on this planet and it was unfulfilling… and disappointing.”

And now, Lake is a multimillionaire, debt-free and very happily married to that same woman who previously doubted their marriage. As we were talking about what turned his entire life around, he mentioned a couple of things. But I want to share what he credited as his first big “Ah-ha!” moment. You know, that moment where you realize something and then everything just clicks?

For Lake, it all happened when I was on stage talking about relationships and how you treat other people. You see, at that time Lake was convinced his wife was the reason their marriage was failing. Suddenly, he realized he couldn’t treat his wife like she was stupid, incompetent or always at fault… and expect her to act any differently. If he wanted her, or anyone else in his life, to live up to his vision of a brilliant, amazing partner, he needed to treat them that way!

I used to do this to my husband, demeaning him and leaving horrible notes around the house for him about not being the leader and man I thought he should be. Until I realized if I wanted him to be that man, I had to treat him that way! I’ve even been there with my kids. Everyone does it! But Lake stopped making excuses for the way he treated his wife.

And what happened? Not only was their marriage saved, but suddenly every other part of his life started falling into place. Listen, sometimes when you are full of stress, hurt, unforgiveness or anxiety about what’s happening in your personal life – it distracts you from accomplishing things in other areas of your life. You have to deal with what’s inside first!

Was there a time in your life where your personal issues totally derailed everything else? It happens to all of us! Share your experience and thoughts with me in your comments below and make sure to Share today’s message.

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In great faith,

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