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Don’t Let The Daily Grind, Grind You Down

In this season of gratefulness and thankfulness, I want to talk about one thing today you might be taking for granted. Are you satisfied in your job? Do you find yourself bored, distracted, underpaid and unappreciated? I hear all the time about how people are stuck in a dead-end job. Maybe you like your job, …


How To Get “Unstuck” From Your Career Rut

Have you ever felt stuck in a dead-end job? Have you felt like there’s just no room to grow? Maybe you don’t want to grow in that particular company… that maybe you should just move on to a new job? You’re not alone… On our nationally-syndicated TV and radio show this past Sunday, we talked …


Secrets To Getting Promoted (Straight From The Boss’s Mouth!)

It’s no secret — in this competitive job market, if you’re not growing, you’re going! That’s why it’s so important to continue learning tips and strategies to give you an edge in your business or career. Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani shares several top secrets to getting promoted, straight from the …


How To ALWAYS See A Return On Your Investment

Yesterday we talked about some “big picture” income investments, which form the backbone of building lasting financial security. But today, I want to discuss an even BIGGER and definitely the MOST important investment you could ever make! It’s not some secret stock tip, not the hottest market trend, not even the latest currency updates. It’s …


Less Talk, More Communication

This morning, I want you to recall the last time you sat down with someone and just listened to them. I mean really listened. And when I say “listening” that doesn’t mean you were thinking about what you were going to say next, waiting for a point where you could jump in with your story …

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2 Keys To Unlock Career Success

Yesterday we talked about how facts tell, but stories sell. Testimonials really can change your business, but they can do SO much more than that! When I talk about prospecting or using techniques to help a business, do you ever tune out because you think it doesn’t apply to you? What 98% of the population …

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Networking Pays Off In Your Net Worth

In today’s economy, most people would consider themselves lucky to have a job at all, right? How about you… even if it’s in a position you never expected, it pays the bills. You’re one of the fortunate ones, who has no need to struggle to even need or get an interview. It might be you …


When Following The Leader Leads To A Dead End

Well, we’ve hit the midweek mark! I hope you’re still going strong this week and out there working on your goals. If you are a person of influence (which you should be) one of your biggest skills should be your leadership! You may work for somebody else right now. Who knows, maybe you aren’t even …