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Appreciation In The Workplace: Whose Job Is It?

Yesterday I sent you a short message about the issue of entitlement in the home. We always hear about the kids in the world today who have a total entitlement […]

Yesterday I sent you a short message about the issue of entitlement in the home. We always hear about the kids in the world today who have a total entitlement attitude. But I have been so convicted lately, as I realized that I, as a wife, have been part of that entitlement generation.

I shared yesterday about the 3 things that overcome an entitlement mentality – that is appreciation, thanksgiving, and gratitude. I shared how it pulls the absolute best out of you, your spouse, and your children, and it brings honor and harmony into the home and into family relationships.

If you missed my letter yesterday, I highly recommend you go check that out now. Everything I shared in that letter will help your family to live in a culture of honor. It will help you groom your children to grow up to be part of the 2% of the population who is financially independent and highly successful in every area of their lives.

Today, I want to talk to you about the issue of entitlement in the workplace. Entitlement can be a huge issue in the workplace.

It’s that entitled attitude that says ‘someone owes me something’, and then when you receive what you think is owed to you, you’re not grateful for it and you don’t perceive it as a blessing. It’s expected, and therefore you receive it with no appreciation, thanksgiving, or gratitude.

It’s like receiving payment for services rendered. There are so many people out there who show absolutely no gratitude when a service is rendered. There’s no ‘Thank you’. There’s no heartfelt ‘Wow, you did a really good job!’ There’s no appreciation. And when we do not have appreciation coming out of our hearts and minds, it has a negative effect on us. It impacts our confidence and the way we see life.

The reality is, there is somebody signing your check every week. There’s somebody who took a risk by hiring you. There is someone who took a risk by starting a company. They took a risk on you, on the marketplace, and on themselves when they stepped out and did something very unusual by starting a business and then they brought in other people (you) to help them with that business.

Both employers and employees have challenges every day. They each have issues that rise up, problems to solve, and systems to establish.

That’s why it is so important to bring real appreciation into the marketplace, whether you are an employer or an employee, a top executive or a brand new employee.

It’s important not to bring entitlement into the office. It’s important that appreciation, thanksgiving, and gratitude is what we – the ones who are striving for that 2% mindset, who are set apart from everyone else out there that is leading with their entitlement attitude that leads to depression and lack of confidence – have. It’s up to you and I to lead with that right example.

So today, carry that deep appreciation into your workplace. Instead of entitlement, take that deep appreciation for those who are helping to move things forward, those who provide a job for you, and those who took a risk on hiring you.

No matter where you rank inside of your company, all the way from the mail room to the CEO, you can help to create an environment of appreciation, thanksgiving, and gratitude. You can bring more harmony in the office and really create the kind of culture you’d like to work in. My friend, Job Domination is what will bring the right mindsets and skillsets into that culture.

I hope this means something to you today. If it does, would you mind doing me a huge favor? I’d really love to hear your personal revelations you’ve gotten about this, because there is even more to this than I shared today. So please go ahead and leave your comments here on this page.

Let’s make 2013 a year of doing great and well thought out things. Not accidental things, not like everyone else is going to do it. You and I together are going to make a massive impact in the marketplace, and I am so excited to see what your story is going to be!


In great faith,


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