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If One Is Good…More Is Better!

I had a conversation recently with one of my clients who has a very successful business. I am so proud of this man. He was really struggling when he first […]

I had a conversation recently with one of my clients who has a very successful business. I am so proud of this man. He was really struggling when he first came to us. He was working like a dog and really didn’t know what his future held.

He works in a luxury industry, which you wouldn’t think would be a good thing in a bad economy. When he first came to, he was doing between $7,000-$8,000 in revenue. But over the last 3 years, he has created a multimillion-dollar business and last year he profited $750K, which is absolutely phenomenal.

In a recent consulting appointment with this man, we had a very important conversation. In fact, this conversation came up with a few other clients, and I just had to share it with you.

If you are in business, or if you manage people, whether it’s in a charity, a job or a family, this is for you! This message is for anyone in any kind of leadership role.

This is called The Jethro Slap. This is not my original concept, but I have certainly experienced great breakthroughs in life and in business because of this content. I hope you can weigh your ego against your bank account and figure out which one weighs more. Don’t get all caught up in your ego when you find out where this actually came from. It came straight out of the Bible.

Jethro was Moses’ father-in-law. The children of Israel had already left Egypt and they were out in the wilderness. Jethro was bringing Moses’ wife and 2 kids to visit Moses. When Jethro arrived, he was so blessed to see all the miracles that had happened.

The very next day, Moses went to sit as a judge over Israel to listen to their disputes and to give his verdict. As Jethro observed what was happening, he said, "What in the world are you doing? Why have you set this up where YOU have to be the one to listen to all of these cases and YOU have to be the person that judges them?"

Moses asked him, "Well, what do you suggest?" Jethro responded (this is my version), "DUDE! Train up some other people to do some of this work! Find the leaders in this huge group of people and train them to handle some of these cases."

Jethro told Moses to create a team of leaders to work along with him and take part of the workload. Why? Because ALL of those people were totally dependent on ONE person.

This is The Jethro Slap. Who needs The Jethro Slap? Anyone who works the way Moses did!

What I see in my business consulting, as well as with a lot of mothers, is a mindset that sounds like this: "I’m the ONLY one who can do my job. It is ALL my responsibility. I can’t trust anyone else to get the job done. If I want something done right, I have to do it myself."

That path will lead to failure. This path leads to working 60, 80, even 100 hours per week. No reward is worth that! Even if you were able to make more money or buy a new house or car, you will find that it just isn’t worth it!

You have to understand there ARE other people who can do it! It’s time to delegate. There is no way you can get to where you truly want to go if you have all the problems of the world falling on your shoulders.

I really messed up in my first business, when I was 19-21 years old. I worked like a dog and my business owned me. I took on all the pressure and carried it all on my shoulders. I totally crashed and I ended up homeless as a result. At that point, I decided I’m never doing that again.

When I was homeless, I started a business from the trunk of my car and a pay phone booth. I made $2,000 in the first few days, $6,500 the next month and over $10K the next month.

I hired my first employee only 3 months after I was homeless. It wasn’t that I wasn’t capable of doing the work. I hired this person so I could delegate a bunch of tasks so I could keep my part-time schedule. I knew that at the rate I was going, I would lead myself into another failure if I tried to do it all myself.

I set it up so I could work in my key competency, as well as offer other people the opportunity to profit from their talents and skills.

You’ve got to learn to let go of things and to raise up other talent and skills around you to take on that job. Offer people the opportunity to make money.

If you believe in the Bible, which has helped my husband and me to build the success we have in family, business and influence around the world, and you are afraid to hire people, there’s another slap that’s coming at you! We, as entrepreneurs, are supposed to create jobs and opportunities for people. This actually allows us to disciple them. It is pouring our skill and ability into them. It is grooming the next generation to succeed even more than we are!

A business isn’t just for us and our money. It is for us to train up other people with new skills.

The client I told you about earlier is the best at what he does. I said to him, "If you died tomorrow, what would happen? Your skill would die with you. That talent given to you and developed in you by God, is not just for you! It is supposed to be duplicated. If it dies with you, it’s over."

It all comes down to this: First, understand that you are NOT supposed to carry all of the responsibilities on your own. Second, you are to train up other people to bear the workload and to use their skills and abilities.

This goes for business owners, parents and employees. What gifts and talents do you have that you need to pass on to other people? What tasks should you be delegating to other people so you can work in your key competency area? There is no reason not to do these 2 things.

This whole concept of The Jethro Slap has helped me to be unusually successful in my businesses and in my family. So won’t you take a few minutes to share this message with your friends, family and co-workers today? Just share this via email or post this link on social media!

I’ll be coming to you live this Sunday night on The Dani Johnson TV & Radio Show at 9 pm ET/8 pm CT! I’m sure you’ve heard by now the show is broadcasting LIVE on TV in 11 million households, in addition to 95 radio stations across the nation. So be sure to join me this week!


In great faith,


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