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Are “Shortcuts” Leading You To Dead Ends?

Have you ever found "shortcuts" that lead you to dead ends, get you lost in the woods or don't offer a real solution around road blocks? Maybe a "quick fix" doesn't really fix anything at all!

Through these messages, I deliver daily skills or tips to help you. But, you’re thinking there there’s got to be a quicker fix… an even faster one… right? It seems everywhere people are selling you quick fixes, escapes and “shortcuts.” But these shortcuts don’t seem to lead people to success or offer real solutions for their problems.

For example: 1 out of 10 Americans, aged 12 and older, are taking antidepressants. However, less than 20% of those people seek professional therapy or counseling. In other words, they aren’t fixing the problem! A pill only treats a symptom, right?

People also self-medicate with shopping, drinking, smoking or sex. Or, all of the above. The problem with these fixes is they only address the symptoms. And you’re not actually fixing the hurt, the depression, or whatever really hurts you, in life.

Quick-fixing your life is not a true solution. And a lot of those “quick fixes” come with side effects that are sometimes worse than your original problem! If you are numbed out, you are dumbed out. It affects your relationships, your ability to make decisions and cripples your desire to succeed. Society wants you dumbed out! Because it makes you easier to control – duh!

You might think the mental break is nice until the next thing you know, a decade has gone by and you’re still struggling with the same problem. Don’t you think it’s time to try a different prescription for what ails you?

Instead of a quick fix, try an actual solution. Whenever I’m talking with people who are interested in finding success in their business, I tell them, “Find someone who has what you want, and do what they did.” This is how I got started in business – I followed a mentor, followed the steps they took and got similar results.

Leave the “quick fix” lifestyle behind and start seeking real skill sets to move forward. Please leave me your comments below and don’t forget to Like and Share it with your friends and family members!

If you’re looking for more tips and strategies, join us today for The Dani Johnson Show, where you can gain more inspiration to improve your life every day, in every way. You can find the show on your TV and radio and please remember you can always stream today’s show right here on our website.

In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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