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Give Mom The Best Mother’s Day Ever

Give her something that tells her how much she means to you, and how grateful you are to have her in your life. Give her something that will make her feel special and important.

There seems to be something missing in the world today. Something so huge, so fundamental to functional relationships. Something so essential to human life.

It’s evident as you browse your Facebook news feed, and as you walk through the halls of a school. We see it in offices, restaurants, stores, and often even in the home.

There is very little honor in the world today. It’s so sad, because honor is the number one key to successful relationships (both personal and professional). In fact, you will not succeed in business or in your career if you do not know how to honor people. You could be the best at what you do, but if you lack honor, no one will want to work with you.

I have been studying people for more than 2 decades, and here’s what I’ve found: EVERYONE wants to feel special and important. EVERYONE wants to feel honored and valued. EVERYONE wants to be encouraged. That’s the truth.

But why is true honor so rare today? Is it because we are too busy living our own lives that we don’t take into consideration other people’s feelings and needs? Is it because there are so few examples of real honor in the world today? Is it because we think it’s simply not that important anymore?

Whatever the reason is, WE have to change that. We – you and I – have got to bring honor back into our families, our communities, our workplaces, and our world. We have got to set an example of honor. And today, I want to share a really good place to start.

Mother’s Day is 2 days away, and most people will be running out today and tomorrow to grab some flowers and a card at the last minute, whether it’s for their mom, mother-in-law, wife, grandmother, or even a mother-figure. And while it’s nice that they are at least doing something, those people are really missing out on an opportunity to do something extremely important.

Instead of doing the same cheesy, obligatory bouquet of flowers this year, why not take this opportunity to give Mom something she really wants? Give her something that tells her how much she means to you, and how grateful you are to have her in your life. Give her something that will make her feel special and important.

There are tons of ways to honor Mom this Mother’s Day (and it doesn’t have to be expensive). You can honor her in a unique way by finding out what really makes her tick. What does she really love? What would make her feel honored?

Does she love being outside and enjoying nature? Plan a surprise picnic and go enjoy being with her doing the things she loves to do. Does she have a huge heart for orphans and widows and the sick? Donate money to an organization who feeds orphans and takes care of the sick, and tell her you have done that in her honor. Does she love cooking or trying new foods? Take her to a cooking class or have a fun day of trying new recipes together. Bottom line – take the time and do something meaningful for/with her.

You can also honor your mom by investing in her. Honor her with something that will reduce her stress and frustration, and even her fear of the future. I’m sure you’re well aware of the fact that we live in very uncertain times. A lot of people – especially moms – constantly worry about the economy, jobs, finances, and their families. And that causes stress that, quite frankly, moms should not have to deal with.

So what can you do about that? How about instead of buying her yet another bouquet of flowers that will be dead in a week or buying her another card that will eventually find its way to the trash can, you get her something that will make her life better. Something that will alleviate her stress and give her solutions for the real-world problems she may be facing today, whether that’s debt or business and career troubles, or even family and relationship issues.

No matter what you decide to do, just remember to honor your mom! Take the time to make her feel special and important. Set an example of honor for your own family and your community. I believe if we all step up and make the decision to start honoring others around us, we can restore honor in our society.

Please be sure to send this to everyone you know today to remind them to do something special for their mothers this weekend. (You can also post this link on Facebook and Twitter!) And as you’re preparing for Mother’s Day, it would be a great time to have a talk with your family about honor, making sure your children know what it means to really honor someone.

Join me Sunday night for our nationally syndicated radio show at 9 pm ET/8 pm CT! It is going to be a very special show, and you’ll definitely want to have your mom listen in with you.


In great faith,


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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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